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You'll need to make sure you're on 2017.

Firstly, you'll have to expose the parameters of the nodes you want to be tweakable in your preset, then double-click outside your graph so you can see the graph's main settings, scroll down to Input Parameters and press the icon that looks like a piece of paper (Preview), edit your properties to match how you want your preset set-up then press the plus icon to save the preset.

It explains it with pictures here:

Any ideas, maybe? :)

This is looking phenominal, well in!

I'm not sure how tweakable your shapes are so perhaps expose the metal's properties. Ranging from shiny and new to aged and scratched/worn.

Hello everyone,

I wanted to throw my hat into the ring by recreating 'Lavernia & Cienfuegos Utopick Chocolates'.
As well as the Mattershot references, I've lucked out as the designer has very kindly uploaded some high resolution images to their folio:

I do want to play around with these patterns further, particularly the pink one as it's become a bit of an unwieldy transform and symmetry nightmare. It's too straight compared to the nice imperfect flow of the reference.

I'm not entirely clued up on Designer workflows yet; my intention is to create a matte, shiny and patterned paper variants and then blend them all together in one master graph.

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