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I apologize in advance if I am just making this issue more complicated than it is but I have been trying to wrap my head around the I thought simple task of adapting my metal rough shaders to vray.

Disclaimer: In the example for this post I use a fresh substance painter scene with the default material and just adding a fill layer. Plus the addition of more texture channels.

While vray supports metallic and roughness maps I still need to input a value/color for specular in order to make the material reflective at all.
Usually when use the export preset "prb to spec gloss" my objects appear to be less reflective than they are in the substance painter viewport.

This is pretty much mirrors the behavior if I switch between the pbr metal rough / vray spec gloss / vray metal rough shaders in painter. When using a fresh scene with default values the pbr metal rough shader will be the most reflective.

When exporting the material to a spec gloss workflow I get a dark grey specular map that I then plug into my vray mat with an vray hdri loader and set it to "Inverse Gamma". Which results like already mentioned in an almost dull looking material.

The only way to get a similar looking reflection value is by unplugging the map and using almost white as (255,255,255) as my specular color.

Overall it isn't that much of a hassle to adjust the specular color myself since it is just 1 value per material.
But still I'd like to know if I am doing something completely wrong.

I just installed substance designer 5.5.3 and when I try to navigate or search the library the program gets extremely slow. I reinstalled the software 2 times now but sadly no change in behavior. I also tried different Icons sizes and disabling the labels.

I have no custom paths (fresh install) and there are no network drives involved. Designer itself is installed on an SSD drive.

Computer Specs:
Intel Xeon X5680 (2 processors)
GTX 980
Windows 7 (64bit)

Hopefully somebody can help me.

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