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I use substance source with the substance launcher since a few months. Very happy with it but i have some questions :
- Is there a way to know wich materials i already own (except checking the download directory). An icon or a category named "owned" would be great.
- if i download a material i already own, do i lose a token ?


SubstanceSubstance - Purchases & Licenses - About asset points
 on: July 23, 2020, 11:55:27 am 
Simple question, i'am new to substance and i have 30 AP/month.
I did not used all my ap this month and my subscription is about to renew. I have 7 ap left.
Am i going to loose these points so the counter resets to 30 or these remaining points are going to be added for next months and so on (so 37 points for next month) ?

Thank you.

I am new to substance alchemist and very happy with it. Simple, intuitive an powerfull.
But i am very confused with the way atlas scatter works.
As a very simple example, i start from a starter base material :

I download an atlas material from substance source and use the substance launcher to send it to alchemist. Then i shift drag to view to create the atlas filter. I get this :

As you can see i lose the diffuse informations (in 2d view, no diffuse / base color anymore). Or what i expect is something like this :

I use here a simple height blend, but i lose all the cool features of the atlas filter.

Is this behaviour normal ? Is there something i do wrong ?
I did not submit a bug report since i don't know the software enough, so not sure if it's a bug or not.

(argh your captcha test is a pain :S)

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