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Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Discussions - Texturing a cave
 on: August 20, 2016, 02:31:31 pm 
I´m making a game in Unity and I have made a couple of caves that I now want to texture. I want to paint the whole thing in SP of course but how do I go about doing that? The best thing would be to paint it as one big mesh but I guess it will be terribly low-def then because the cave system is pretty big. So I´m thinking I have to cut the mesh into smaller corridors and paint them individually? And then piecing them back together in Unity.

But what about the seams between the pieces then? The texture won´t line up properly right?

Is there a way to make backups of the materials I have made inside of painter? I can´t really find them anywhere outside of Painter? And I assume that the materials and stuff that I import doesn´t get deleted or anything if I update Painter?

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Technical Support - Cant import shaders
 on: September 23, 2015, 03:06:49 pm 
Here is yet another problem I have:

I downloaded the PBR Specular Gloss from Substance Share and placed it into the folder where the other shaders are. Restarted Painter and of course nothing happens. The shader doesn´t show among the others.

I contacted on how to make materials out of their textures and they recommended me to install this shader in Painter.

I´m just throwing questions on here because I really don´t get a lot of this... When I have exported my textures into Unity and add them to a material the material is 100% non reflective. And when I have added a metallic or specular-map I cant adjust the metalness anymore. Where do I adjust this?!

When I export my textures everything looks great except the normal map that look like this:

Any idea what is wrong? It is DirectX normals and I have tried exporting with different presets but its the same.

I have hundereds of materials/ textures from How do I make use of these in SP? I want to convert all of them to materials but how do I do it? I have watched all the allegorithmic tutorials on Youtube but I still don´t understand. Should it be so hard or what am I missing?

The thing I have tried is to select a material in SP and replacing the color, height, rough and metal maps but where do I put my normals and ambient oclussion for example?

Maybe I should use Designer for this but there doesnt seem to be any step by step on how to make materials from regular textures. I watched this tutorial but there is just no way it has to be that complicated.

I bought live a few days ago and installed it, however I can´t register them. It says I have to have administrator rights which I do. I have Windows 10.

I´m very new to SP and I have a question. I tried making a simple model in Blender to start learning with, it´s simply just a room with four walls and a floor. In blender I assigned different materials to one of the walls and the floor so it is a total of 3 materials. When i import this mesh into SP the three materials are under the TextureSet List and I can now assign different textures to these materials just as I want. The problem is that it exports three different sets of textures but I want them all in one. How do I do this?

I´m wondering if it is possible and if so; how do you use multiple normalmaps on one object? Lets say I want to make a cube with 6 different textures of wood, one texture assigned to each "panel" so to say, with each texture I want the associated normal map (I use textures from

I started using substances in Unity just a couple of days ago but I have run into some problems and have some questions.

1.) Should I even use substances? I´m making a game for desktop so disk space isn´t really an issue, substances need more CPU/GPU usage than regular textures right? But being able to make changes to the textures in the Unity editor is REALLY great so maybe the best thing for me is to make the changes and then bake them?
2.) When I have set up my substances so they look as I please I want to bake them because it takes like 15 seconds to load my test-level when I hit play and that is really annoying, when I use regular textures it starts immediately. When I try to bake the textures in the load behavior it doesn´t load at all in the game-view but they appear in the scene-view. This is how it looks in game-view:

Do I need to do something else in Unity to make it work or what is the problem?

I just made an example-scene to get started with substances. I dragged a few substances to different objects in my scene and it looks great, HOWEVER it takes like a minute for the game-view to "start" once i hit play. When i switch from substances to just regular textures the game-view starts almost immediately when hitting play. This can´t be right can it?

Im using 2048 size and I have tried baking and cacheing it but that doesnt work at all, the objects just get a flat color if I do.

If a simple scene with like 10 objects take about 30sec to load, I cant imagine what a detailed level with hundered of objects and mltiple substances would take to load. If this is the case then substances are pretty much useless?

EDIT: It didn´t take a minute or even 30sec haha, 10 different substances in 2048 take just over 10 seconds to load, It seems like it doesnt matter how many substances I use, the time is basicly the same regardless? But what can be wrong with my baking? The only modes that work is the Build on load level and build on load level and cache. The behave the same though.

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