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it seams like I can have either a single selection set with multiple uv tiles or a multiple selection sets with a single uv tile each.
When I prepare my model in max and export it to fbx, the only thing that seems to affect the selection sets when opening in substance is giving each set a different material. But that makes the uvs to be separate.
But in substance YouTube channel they have a tutorial about the UDIM workflow and when the project is loaded to substances it opens with some selection sets all spread out on multiple uv tiles. How is it done? Thanks 🙂

For example - render an ao pass, base color or lighting etc.
Not in an unwrapped state as it exports maps, but on the model itself, as you render, in order to composite it later oh in photoshop?

Thank you so much, that was very helpful!! :)

oops! sorry...
I meant to attach the obj file of course

I used only a high poly model (attached)
Thanks!  :)

Hello, I've just started learning substance painter following substance lantern tutorial on youtube, but I have a problem with baking the texture set on lesson 02. for some reason I get a line in the middle of my model even though there is nothing there geometric wise.why do you think it is and how do i fix it? thanks!

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