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I would like to know a way to make this papper not look metallic/shiny through light.
I apply both pappers on the base color and used projection to draw them.

Hi! I am a bit new with Sp so there are thing i dont get.

When i try to use the paint tool through the black mask it does nothing except on the painter parts( the dark color) where it erase it. Is there somewhere that perhaps i clicked that causes this?

I was working with a sword but i want to make a stylized style to it so i was trying with some other smart materials to experiment and understand. I tried making it myself a bit but when i use a mask it covers all the sword except the blade while i want to have it on the blade.

Any way how should i try to fix it?


I have ben working on making a sword on blender but when importing it to SP the blade seems invisible. When i paint it where there isn't the empty spaces it dpesnt show anything.

Anyway how to fix this?

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Baking - Weird stains after bakeing mesh
 on: November 14, 2019, 09:52:02 am 

As the title suggests, when i try to import a work from Blender and bake it i sometime get strange stains around the object
and i don't understand why this happend. :-\

Could someone explain? :'(


I recently started with substance painter and i had a few doubts on exporting textures.

Tried to do it but it does also export a few that i didnt make such as roughnes and metallic.
I want only to export these three maps to work with them. What should i do? :'(

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