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Do we really need to change the resolution every time we open Substance Player?

Is there any way to store a default resolution the is high enough to check the material properly if our default window resolution is not that high due to our monitor size.

August 2017 "yes this is something we should add at some point."

May 2021.... Nothing yet.

Seriously Substance is amazing but they way they neglect some basic workflow and UI improvements sometimes is such a lame....

Voted. Apologies for the delay back up  this basic feature.

I was wondering how this is going? Is there a way to easy bath import mesh maps into substance ( Albedo, AO, Normals )?


Thanks for adding the Geometry Mask feature. It really helps with the workflow.
However, I think to make it fully useful it should support to mask meshes that belong to the same object and the same material set but they are connected. In other words loose geometry within the same object.

Thank you.

Hello guys,

I think it would be great in other to get a flawless workflow better different applications if we could add additional meshes on the go to the same project we are working on. I understand Substance painter is not a 3D modelling tool and there might be implications but it just seems kind of natural than if we can move things around, why not add or delete whole pieces of geometry or geometry under the same texture set.

Let's say I want to update a piece of the armour I just added or modified in my 3D model. I can not easily add that piece into the project where I have all my work done.

Thanks so much guys.

Is there any reason the UV scale limit has never been increased above 128?

It has been requested several times. Frankly, it is quite frustrating and makes some of the default material unsuable.

It would be great if there would be a way to export an SVG file from Substance Designer in somehow as its tools to create parametric patterns based that can be based in SVG input nodes offer huge potential.

I am aware the aim of Substance Designer is creating textures for 3D visualization, but keeping in mind Adobe now owns the company, there might probably be a way to explore that option, or if not, add in somehow the potential of substance nodes and parametrical design to apps like illustrator.

Not an easy request, though I think the potential is there.

Thank you.

Thanks so much for the fast answer and my apologies.

I thought I had the last version of the plugin installed.
I couldn't find any comment in the download page about any new version released. Just the download button with for 3DMax2021. Same thing I saw when I download it months ago.

Not warnings when I load substance with that version so far.

I had a couple of issues though.

With a particular Test scene the object turned black and do not update the material to a new substance I loaded on it.

Also, the material editor starts running really slow when few substances are loaded on it.

One last question. What would be the way to apply the material with triplanar projection instead of right into the UVs with the substance2 node. would that be Coordinates-> Mapping -> Planar from Object/World XYZ ?

Thanks so much.

I guess Substance team is aware of the situation. But I couldn't find any documentation about it.

I have been trying to use substance materials using the Substance plugin for 3dsmax 2021, with the new Vray5 renderer loading into substance2 material and using the substance plugin to create Vray Material.

I got the warning you can see in the screenshot.

This creates a non-interactive material liking the maps to the vray material but not allowing interactivity with the substance2 materials to tweak the substance.

I also had several crushes trying to use it.

Will substance give support to this render? Any solution in the short term?

Thank you.

Totally. Just imagine the endless creative possibilities to create procedural patterns without worrying much about managing shapes in substance or the pixel quality.
that would be an awesome feature not only for texture development in 3d textures but also in 2d design.

It would be really useful indeed


I found myself tweaking the same parameters to bake my mesh maps every time that I have to start a new project.
It would be great if we could save our parameters somehow and apply them straight away.

Thank you.

Hello, I'm kind of new in this world and I am trying to set up a workflow to work in ArchViz, modelling in 3DsMAX, texturing in substance painter and rendering in VRAY back in 3dsMax.

I'm having problems to find clear information about how to deal with transparent materials such as Glass when I try to export my textures back to VRAY or a PBR material.

I would appreciate any clear guide of how to deal with transparent materials, the opacity channel and what is the best way to export that Alpha Channel in the textures ( file format and so ).

Thanks so much.

Is there any way to export the UVS to let's say 3DsMax once you have run Substance UVs unwrapping tool?

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