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Character Creator 3.0 has no animations.  you can add the A pose or tpose to frame zero or other iMotion files to the character creator export though.  That being said iClone with character creator you can do anything, embed all your animations, export them out using iclone exchange or separately and add them to you CC export.  BE careful the website is hard to figure out, and you must purchase the "Export" versions of content and "Pipeline" versions of the software to be able to export.

Nope 2.0 is the last version just had a conversation with Mr. Holmes with Product dev and custmoer support:

"It's definitely *not* being updated anymore and hasn't been for a while. Our plan was always to roll Suite functionality into the Mixer, it just needed a lot of work to get up to that point - hence the subscription service helping us fund development. Beyond that I can't speak on the subject, but I anticipate you might enjoy where we're heading with it!"

you can Get a Basic Mixer subscription for 9 us dollars  with no credits per month to the megascans library which is actually pretty amazing...

This just in about Quixel:

From the Foundry forums:
Quote from MarcinB : I hope that Adobe will remember about different pricing for Indie (single freelancers with small year income).

I share a similar sentiment...but for Quixel's upcoming Suite 3.

Teddy, Quixel founder, posted another of his heartfelt letters to his supporters on their closed-to-the-public facebook account (which someone re-posted on reddit). Basically saying Suite 3 will be standalone, it's being currently worked on, they're running out of cash but still managing. He also has indicated getting no support from Adobe when they reached out to them for issues with their existing toolset with a particular version or update to Photoshop. Basically unresponsive. (But no indication in the letter how this relates to Adobe getting in bed with Allegorithmic.)

Well, if they can release it sooner and fill the void. Attract all the disenfranchised ex-substance users into one camp again. That would help bring back "happy days" again for this particular community. And hopefully....they can copy Allegorithmic's store playbook where people have more buying options than just one. More than just a monthly subscription like what (sadly) Quixel currently offers for it's Mixer tool (but tiered, meaning you pay more depending on your revenue profile).

Support Quixel!

I agree...Totally fucking pissed!

There is no "script" but things are still being decided and adjusted, I will only comment on what I'm certain of today.

So you're saying you sold out your company and user base without even having a plan decided on? Jesus Christ. Guess Sebastien just could not wait to be Peter Jackson, huh?

Love the side notes we're getting from your own employees on the reddit threads. This one is pretty good

"We fear this too"

Right there, you sold out to Adobe with NO plan at all, without even trying to gain an assurance of fair treatment on behalf of your user base. What a 'fuck you' to your fans.

goodbye substance, Hello 3d Coat! Just purchased.

You sold your soul, buddies.
@Developers: Flee as fast as you can!
Not a single developer wants to leave right now. ;)

Yeah, give it a few years, there will be nothing left of allegorithmic or how the software became beloved. You guys need to undo whatever agreement you had fast, join Epic instead, work with them, they are a very reasonable company.
But i guess its pointless even if half the userbase reacts negatively "you guys will see it will be great" thats what is said every time and every time it all detereorates.

My Company was bought out by a fortune 500..."Nothing will change they said...  Lost 900+ accounts in one year, and I left.  I Used to trust adobe and even held them in high regard until the pay to play nonsense.  If only Macromedia hadn't sold out, Look at mixamo and fuse...  What a shame.

You lost this customer.  Glad I switched my license sooner rather than later. I'll get the last update.  And will be moving you out of my pipeline.

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