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I'm using Cell 3 noise to generate cracks in my material.
Everything is perfect in 2k resolution. If I change resolution to 4k, my cracks become too thin and almost not visible on a surface.
I noticed that after increasing resolution Cell 3 noise texture looks much lighter and less contrast.
I see the one possible solution for this problem - is to increase Cell 3 edge width depending on resolution.
But it's a pity, I don't know how to do that.
I'm pretty sure it's a common problem and there are lots of typical solutions for that. Could anybody help me solving it?



As I wrote in my previous reports, I play with fire hydrant spp file from substance share and try to convert it from layering shader to metallic/roughness.
Today I found a huge difference in texture quality between pbr-material-layering and pbr-metall-rough shaders.
The old pbr-material-layering shader displays material textures in viewport very good, highly detailed even in 2k resolution. Perfect.
However, pbr-metall-rough shader displays the same material textures too smooth and undetailed. Params are the same: 2k textures resolution and shader quality low. Even after I set textures resolution to 4k, pbr-metall-rough still displays textures a little bit worse. I guess the same quality could be achieved by setting 8k textures resolution. But, i don't have such possibility in SP.
So my question is.
Why there is so huge difference in quality between pbr-material-layering and pbr-metall-rough shaders?
Why the new one pbr-metall-rough quality is so worse, comparing to pbr-material-layering shader? It's the new one and it should look better, right. I can increase texture size to 4k to get comparable result, but in this case I will loose in performance and dramatically increase spp file size, which I don't want to do!
Is there a solution for this problem? Could it be somehow fixed?

I use SP 2019.2.3 on windows 10.



I play with fire hydrant spp file from substance share and try to convert it from layering shader to metallic/roughness.
From the first look it's a simple task but I faced a lot of problems and incompatibilities which i cannot solve.
In this project I found a couple outdated generators, like mg_mask_generator.
I tried to update mg_mask_generator using Resource updater, but I found that it looses almost all generator settings during conversion - all the textures settings, ao, curvature, almost everything.
Then I restored all settings manually, they are the same in new Mask Generator.
But! The result is totally different and doesn't correspond old mg_mask_generator. Texture used in generator - Grunge Paint Scratched looks totally different. I see that texture scale and projection don't match.
So my questions are:
1. Why during resource update of the mg_mask_generator it looses all of it's settings? It definitely a bug which should be fixed.
2. What is the difference between old mg_mask_generator and new Mask Generator? (Exclude microdisplacement)
3. Why the same textures with the same settings look so different? Is the new Mask Generator uses different texture projection type? If so, could they be calibrated to behave the same way to achieve the same result?

You can test it using hydrant spp project from substance share.

I found that there is no materials on tag XTAONartcarcontest on substance source.
Is this because of competition already closed?
However I learn substance painter and I'd like to complete the good lesson how to paint a car in substance painter.
Could you please make specific materials for the lessons you place on academy or YouTube channel free downloadable  to make possible
complete these lessons.

Thanks a lot.

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