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Medium - Discussions - Medium by Adobe: FAQ
 on: August 27, 2020, 05:34:05 pm 
Why is Medium by Adobe a new/different app from Oculus Medium? 
• We had to properly convert users from Facebook users to Adobe users, under a different Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Creating a new app was the cleanest way to do this. The new app picks up from Oculus Medium 2.3.3 as Medium by Adobe 2.4 and includes a few new features, plus bug fixes and performance improvements. Ongoing updates to Medium by Adobe will push to this new app.   

Will I need to buy the app again?   
• No. Medium by Adobe is a free download from the Oculus store for everyone.   

Will Medium by Adobe be on a subscription plan?   
• No.   

Will my previous Oculus Medium art open with Medium by Adobe?   
• Yes. All of your current Oculus Medium sculpts will open fine with Medium by Adobe. This includes custom/imported stamps! As always with any software update, you should back-up your drives before downloading and installing. 

What will happen to the Oculus Medium app that I’ve already paid for and/or downloaded?
• Because Medium by Adobe is a new app, the free download will be a completely separate app from Oculus Medium. Whatever version of Oculus Medium you already have will remain on your local machine and will not be affected by the new app. Oculus Medium is subject to Oculus/FB's Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, and Oculus Medium will not be supported by Oculus going forward. Medium by Adobe will be a continuation of the tool, and will be supported and updated by Adobe. 
Will I need to have an AdobeID?   
• Not yet, but we will likely integrate AdobeID at some point in the future.

Is Medium by Adobe tied to Substance?   
• No. Substance is purchased/downloaded completely separately from Medium by Adobe. That said, we work very closely with the Substance teams, and have a ton of super exciting things in the works! 

Will Medium by Adobe work with Creative Cloud?
• No.

Will Medium by Adobe be available on other platforms like Steam and Viveport?
• Medium's move to Adobe unlocks a lot of opportunity! We are definitely exploring our options for getting Medium by Adobe on more hardware.

What will happen to the existing Oculus Medium social media channels?   
• The existing Oculus Medium social channels will be decommissioned. We're working on our new social media plan for Medium by Adobe, and will likely be joining forces with the Substance community in some way. For now, the best places to commune with other Medium artists is the “Medium by Adobe Artists” Facebook group. We also recently started a Medium channel on the Substance Discord channel, and a Medium forum in the Substance3D forums.

SubstanceSubstance - Meet MAT 2 Contest - Meet MAT 2 contest FAQ
 on: January 13, 2020, 02:54:09 pm 

For more info, please refer to the contest page:

Which version of Substance Painter should I use?
We highly recommend using the latest version of Substance Painter (2019.3 or higher) to benefit from the latest features and get direct access to the latest version of the MAT scene in the samples. Note that you will be able to download the trial of our software during the contest (send a mail here if you need to renew it for the contest).
Versions of Substance Painter 2019.x are also authorized:

Where can I find the mesh for MAT?
If you have the latest version, you can find if in the template menu (File/Open template…). For older versions, you can find it here:

Can I edit the mesh?
No: you can neither edit the mesh, nor add or remove elements. (Changing the UVs od each texture set is allowed)

Can I modify the mesh or change the pose of MAT?
No, you can’t for the official renders. If you feel inspired, you can still add some optional renders with different poses, but they won’t be taken into account by the jury.

Can I use shaders other than the original one?
No: you can only use the shaders available within Substance Painter (note: ‘shaders’ are not materials, and are available via the ‘shader settings’ panel).

Can I use emissive, subsurface, or other specific channels?
Yes, you can use any feature provided by default within Substance Painter

Can I use tesselation?
Yes, you can. Just make sure we can still recognize MAT (at least a little :) ).

Where should I make the render?
The official renders have to be made in Iray within Substance Painter. You are free to do more renders within Iray or any other application.

Which resources am I allowed to use?
You can use any resources from Substance Painter, and from outside (like alphas, .sbsar, and more). Just keep in mind that we are evaluating the creative process within Substance Painter: applying an external resource on the model might not be enough to impress the jury!

Can I use Substance Source or Substance Share materials in the process?
Yes, you can, but please keep in mind that they are only resources and that we are judging the creative process within Substance Painter.

Can I submit different models?
You can only submit one model.

Am I allowed to share my WIPs on the forum or social networks?
Yes, and you are encouraged to do so! Use the hashtag #MeetMAT2 to get spotted!

Is the contest international?
Yes it is.

Does the model have to be free of current IPs?
Each company has a different policy about the usages of their IPs, so we won’t take any official responsibilities on this topic. That said, if you get inspiration from a brand or a famous universe, make sure to mention it, and to remain creative (not just copy/paste an existing work) 

I submitted my model by mistake, and I want to change it: how can I proceed?
You cannot cancel a submission, but you can make a new one : we’ll take into account the most recent one.

What are the conditions to enroll as a student?
You have to be part of a learning institution, and to mention this when submitting your work.

Can I use other software in the process?
You can import resources from other software (.sbsar, alphas, and more), but the creative work has to be carried out in Substance Painter. You cannot sculpt the mesh in another software tool and import the details within Substance Painter via a height map. The official renders have to be done within Substance Painter.

What are the mandatory renders?
You have to make the cameras C1 and C7 from the ‘MeetMat’ scene.

What are rendering specs?
The ideal rendering resolution is 4k (4096 x 2160 pixels). If you feel your workstation is not powerful enough for this level of resolution, the minimum allowable resolution is 1080p (1920 x 1080 pixels).
Please watch the introduction video to get more information about rendering within Substance Painter.

Am I limited in the numbers of renders I can submit?
No. Just make sure to do the mandatory ones first!

I would like to do a video render: am I allowed?
You can, but this won’t be taken into account in the jury decision.

Don Arceta created 15 amazing nautical materials for Substance Source. He joins Wes McDermott for a chat about creating Substance materials, tips and tricks for Substance Designer, and to answer your questions.
Follow along the walk-through! The Fish Bait Ball material is free on Substance Source here:

Read about the materials here:

Starting November 2019, Substance Alchemist will be officially launched at the end of its beta-phase, and automatically added to your Substance subscription at no additional cost. Furthermore, perpetual licenses will not be sold through our website anymore. However, you will be able to renew your maintenance until October 31, 2020.

Q: What is included in the Substance subscription?

    A: Starting November 2019, Substance Alchemist will be officially launched at the end of its beta-phase, and automatically added to the Substance subscription at no additional cost. The Substance subscription will then grant full access and upgrades to:
    - Substance Painter
    - Substance Alchemist
    - Substance Designer 
    - 30 downloads/month on Substance Source

Q: Will the subscription pricing change? 

    A: Pricing remains the same for the Substance Indie monthly subscription and Substance Pro subscription. Indie annual subscription price will decrease starting November 2019, from $239 to $219.
    If you own a perpetual Indie license and wish to move to annual subscription before December 31st 2019, you get a discounted price at $149 (instead of $219).
Pro annual subscription is at $990 per year per user.

Q: What about the buy-out option (also known as rent-to-own)?

    A: Starting November 2019, the new subscriptions will not include buy-out option anymore. If you have been a subscriber before November 2019, you will be able to exercise your buy-out option for Substance Painter and Substance Designer until October 31, 2020 (as a reminder, the rent-to-own conversion to perpetual does not include Substance Alchemist).

Q: Where can I buy a perpetual license for Substance?

    A: Starting November 2019, perpetual licenses will not be sold through the website anymore. You can still purchase perpetual Indie licenses for Substance Painter and Substance Designer through Steam.

Q: What happens if I own perpetual licenses (under maintenance or expired)?

    A: The perpetual licenses you already own remain active.
    For Indie, you will be able to renew your maintenance until October 31, 2020, for $75 per application.
    For Pro, you will be able to renew your maintenance until October 31, 2020, from $490 per application.

Q: Is Substance a part of Adobe Creative Cloud All Apps?

    A: Substance is not a part of Adobe Creative Cloud All Apps.

Q: Does my pricing change as an Enterprise customer?

    A: Your plan does not change. Please contact your sales representative if you have additional questions.

If you have any other question, don’t hesitate to ask them here.

Hey everyone! for people who don't know me, I'm Vincent, tech artist & community manager at Allegorithmic/Adobe.

Before to jump into explanations, this thread is meant to follow this one (that I am going to lock to pursue the conversation here):,27494.0.html

Part 1 will remain public: it is a great testimony/snapshot of the passion and complexity of our community, that we can use internally to support/push some ideas.

So why I'm doing this?

By making this new announcement, we knew that the reactions would be strong and passionate, and honestly, we are not surprised (even if of course it's tough to read, especially, when it comes from a community you have been taking care for years, but I'll come to this later on). So yes it was heartbreaking but expected.

One of the consequences, is that part 1 of this thread has become so noisy, that it's unreadable: most of the posts are legit concerns, expressed in good or bad manners, then we have insults, then we have some conspiracy theories, then we have people trying to tell people to calm down, etc...

But now that the shock of the announcement is behind us, I think we can pursue the discussion in a more constructive/efficient manner, with the same arguments/skepticism/feeling, but without the conspiracy theories, insults, and obvious trolling. this is not representative of the community I have been talking to the last 4 years.

You can read the 50+ pages of part 1, but I'll try to extract/summarize some of the main concerns/reactions that have been expressed:

  • "We are scared to lose perpetual licenses because Adobe does not use perpetual licenses"
  • "You betrayed us by going with Adobe"
  • "You guys took the wrong decision"
  • "Adobe just buy to destroy a competitor. They destroy everything thay touch"
  • "Now I'll pay 4 times more to get access to your product"
  • "you guys are naive if you think you will be able to change Adobe/impose your ideas/preserve you identity"
  • "You guys are using "for now", on many topics, so we are doomed,"
  • "You guys, sold your soul to the evil just for $$$"
  • "You guys will drop Linux support"
  • "You guys had a great support, and it will become shitty"
  • "You guys will lose all the innovation your demonstrated in the past"
  • "Substance Painter and/or Substance Designer will disappear"
  • "You will not listen to us anymore"
  • "What about the free licenses for students and teachers?"

If I forget an important topic: just ping me and I'll add it to the list.

Now we are going to answer this questions/concerns when possible. But please, accept that we don't have all the answers, as many things need to be defined. And don't speculate like crazy: it's useless, and most of the scennarii have been made on part 1.

You can remain skepticals, it's totally fair, and it will our goal to reassure you on many topics, but for  many of them it will be with facts and not with words.

On a personal point of view, please remind that you guys are talking to (the same) people: regardless of what you think, tell it the proper way. We have always remained really close to our community (and this will be the case in the future), at a distance where you can be hugged, but also be slapped in the face: at this distance, anything that we do or tell is affecting people. So let's remain close and talk the way we are used to.

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