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Hello there,

although I am merely a beginner with MDL, I tried the MDL Malachite Material Breakdown tutorial (expert level, I know). Whilst everything was working fine, I run into a problem in the last bits of the tutorial. My MDL graph is not working. I followed every step of the tutorial but instead of the Malachite, I just see a dark cube. I checked the original .sbs-file, but what should I say: There is also just a dark cube.
I could track the problem down to the point where Mark mixed the AO map together with the Malachite Anisotropy and the polished stuff. Seems that the material surface node does not like the input by the weighted layer node in the AO-frame. If I plug the weighted layer nodes from Malachite Anisotropy or the polish-frame directly into the material surface node, I get some results. Not the intended results (too bright, etc.), but at least something.
Second thing I tried was to exchange the weighted layer nodes with a custom curved layer node. Has the same inputs /output and with my beginner thinking, they both seem to work like a blend node. Plus the custom curved layer node in the standard template worked fine. Result: Well it did something. Instead of pure darkness I get now a black cube with golden reflexions. Looks like metal. Not a malachite though. :(
As Marks original .sbs-file also does not show up the correct results, I suspect that a different MDL-setup is necessary than it was two years ago. Or my SD-installation is broken.

Any other ideas?

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