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I had really high hopes, when seeing this line in the newest release notes for plugin version
Updates to the compression settings in the UE Editor are not applying

Unfortunately after updating to the latest plugin version, the issue remains:
Calling a substance sync rendering at runtime will always render the normal map as BC5 Format (with Artefacts)
Ignoring any of these compression related settings in the texture asset:
  • Compression setting
  • Lossy Compression amount
  • Compression quality

Great news !  :)
thanks for the reply.


sadly the latest update didn't fix anything regarding this issue.
Is there any follow up on this ?



Thanks a lot for the follow up.
I'm looking forward the fix and clean substance normals in ue4 :)

For me, changing the compression format does update in the Editor. Are you not seeing any change in Editor? Using userinterface2D seems to get rid of the artifacts for me. 


As you may have seen on the video I sent, changing the compression format will actually invalidate the map (and also reset its size to 256x256). and when for some reason sometimes it doesn't invalidate the map, some weird stuff happens (which appears to be due to the editor preview fooled into displaying the same bc5 data into some other format)
the normal output is always unchanged, inspecting the normal red channel helps seeing the compression artefacts

Thanks for the quick investigation and reply.
The reason I started this topic is precisely because:
1. Changing the compression settings has no effects at all.
2. Changing the compression format (from ie DXT5 to userinterface2D) has no effect at all.
under the hood the plugin will always stubbornly revert the normal to BC5 Format whenever sync rendering is called.
I believe this is quite a major bug, and I'm seriously surprised that didn't show up in your investigation. ;)

For what it's worth the plugin is set to using the GPU engine in the settings.
Let me know how I can assist in providing further detail or information if needed.

Thanks a lot for looking into this.

Thanks a lot for the reply.
I've setup an empty new Unreal project with just this sbsar and the issue remains.
I've sent you a direct message with the required file to reproduce the problem

Thank you.

thank you for the suggestion. let's trust the kind devs at adobe for handling this issue the right way :)

Hi Wes,
Thanks a lot for the reply,
I'm using the latest version of the plugin in UE 4.26.

that's precisely the part that I'm struggling with, as changing the compression settings in the normal texture does not affect the output at all.

Is there something I'm missing ?


We are using ue4 to develop a pre-production previz studio tool.
the product visualised are embossed product with very fine detail and resolution.
We noticed some artifacts (squares appearing at the edges of the relief) in the final 3d renderings.
Cfr attached 500% crops of the artefacts (normal red channel) compared to the substance designer output.
It turns out the artifacts comes from the generated normal map, and are due to the map compression scheme, which (and that's the culprit here) can't be changed in the UE4 plug-in integration.

This is a serious showstopper and after more than 6 months of development on this project we are now considering switching to unity in which substance apparently doesn't have any of theses limitations.

I'd love to hear any potential options I could explore to solve this issue. (Using externally generated map isn't an option. as the core principle of the tool we are building is the procedural generation based on inputs)

Thansk a lot.

The project I work on requires a 8192 x 8192 resolution. (Designer & Player both support it)
Although UE4 engine allows 8192 x 8192 textures. I just found out that unreal plugin is limited to 4096x4096 (either CPU or GPU version).

Is there a table somewhere showing the output resolution limit of all substance integrations ?
what would be my options to lift that limitation in UE4 ?

For some reason the substance integration does not allow to select resolution (labeled as width & height) beyond 4096 x 4096

For some reason the grouping hierarchy of the published substance is completely ignored in Tootlbag 3.08
everything is placed under a 'Settings' sub group of the Substance

A drop down list parameter in a substance that start with a 0 index when published and imported in marmoset will display all entries correctly but will internally shift the selection so there is no way of actually using the first entry.

0 | Label 1   < Selected
1 | Label 2   < Actually using
2 | Label 3

Drop down list that start with index 1 don't seem to have the same problem.

1 | Label 1   < Selected & actually using
2 | Label 2
3 | Label 3

This is clearly a major shortcoming.
I can't think of any valid reason why you'd want to reset the output size when changing presets

Thank you Luca.
I did read the Expose limitation, but it wasn't obvious that this specific parameter would be impacted.
Indeed the parameter doesn't work in the published graph in substance player.

I suppose one option would be to use several 'pattern input' and drive the "pattern input number" with a drop down.
Would that work ?

Thanks a lot for the support :)

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