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hello there,

I am using color-ID mask for my fill layers and getting hard/harsh transitons (in fact there are no transitions)
between materials.

Now I am looking for a way to get smooth blending at the borders, where materials are changing.
The goal is to have nice blend/smooth on adjacent materials.

Is there a way to do this?


man, it's like what... 5 years now - and still no support?

on it's not even considered ??? I mean, come on - get real!

3Dspace mouse and the compact version of it (which I own) got supported by most other DCC apps in the past years.
Even the dino ZBrush has it!

Can't be too hard to implement and there are plenty of users still requsting it, waiting years for it to happen.


Thank you for the link. Ok - it is good to know that you are going to work on this.
So I renewed my license for one more year to get the 2021 release as well.

Still no response or update on this. I think it’s ridiculous for a company to stay this silent. Before Adobe, there was actually support that cares about customers problems. Please fix your stuff!

Toolbar 4 is a concurrent product that has RTX raytracing working already. Do you want us to switch to this ?

Come one, can’t be so hard to tell Iray to work with new RTX cards - I mean they are around like two months or so.

It is not going to convince me to pay for your software in the future (I am a customer since very first Painter version)
Meanwhile there are already at least two very good alternatives out there for 3D painting and I think not giving a sht about
Supporting your paid product will not help you to make customers stay.

Sorry for ranting, but I really upsets me!

Still nothing.. I think this software is still supported? Or is support gone, since it is Adobe now?

iRay still not working... please update !!!!

hi there,

I wanted to render some nice images in Painter/iRay - but iRay keeeeepse on "warming up" like forever - screen stays just pitch black, no signs of live ;)

I was trying with latest NVIDIA studio driver as well as "game ready" driver - no way to get iRay to work.... maybe this is an issue your team is already aware of? If not, please investigate and maybe update iRay in Painter!



it´s out of beta for a few month - will there be a stand alone "non-subscription based" version of it soon?



first off, Alchi is running fine on my system and it is a much better tool, than B2M was, before!

Now, here are a few things:

I tested "Inspiration" with the provided material (the red leather in this case). the generator spits out a good bunch of variations, but it never changes the black stitches of the initial material into something els (color wise). Can we somehow control, how inspire works?

It´s awesome, that alchi stores the Layer-stack of filters and so in in a material, so you can come back and take some more
adjustments. Is it possible, to save a "Layer stack preset" somehow?

For generating materials from a photo, I think there is no better than alchi - loving it!

Speaking of photos... would be great, if you guys can implement something like this: - and this: so we can start working right in Alchi, instead of having to go thru regular Photo-Software, before. Just a thought!

Substance Alchemist - Discussions - Re: Sub only?
 on: March 20, 2019, 10:58:17 am 
The “open beta” title at facebook and... everywhere is very misleading, it’s more like beta access with subscription. :-\

Yeah, was exited to try it but then - sub only (which is ok, if there will be a really open beta shortly after this)
Hopefully they give us "non-subscribers" access as well in like a few weeks or so.

funny thing is, another (small) player called "Quixel" is taking the opposite route, regarding Adobe ;)
Their suite was bound to photoshop since beginning, but the next iteration wont!

glad, i´ve bought their products, too.

hopefully, we will get Alchemist and a few more Painter updates, before adobe cut´s perpetual licensing and we´re all forced into their cloud and services.

I allways will remember Allegorithmic as a revolutionary and even generous company, that made great software for dealing with PBR texturing. they even started a little trend in licensing products in may different models, at least it felt so.

for me, as a one-man-show-hobbyist-kind-of freelancer they were kind of heros!


cant wait! hopefully, we can buy a license, before adbobe get´s their hands on it... but maybe it´s too late, already :/

hmmm, this is a bit strange.... my monitor runs 2560x1440 WQHD and I rendered in 4k res (3840x2160)
when rendering @1920x1080, alisasing still there (viewport)

the exported 4k image, watched on a 2k monitor is showing alisasing, but much less prominent, compared to the viewport.

so I think it is a downscaling issue, like you suggested. maybe I just did not noticed this in the past, because I normally not do 4k renders.

yes - but do I need some additional SSS or something else for the "pearl effect" to work?

I set max time to 3hrs and iRay reached 2500 Samples (which is plenty, I´d say) after 20min+

but edges are not improving :(

I also checked the log, but it was basically empty

anyway, I uploaded my entry and made a note about this issue... not, that I think, I have a chance to be top 3, but at least I wanted to point out, that I tried to solve this problem

thanks for your help, but it seems like iRay won´t produce an AA image for me, this time

I decreased to 2K, but still got this issue.
I made sure, that GPU is activated for iRay

(see front-wheel)

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