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Hi there,

I'm new to Medium and VR sculpting but I already love it.

My only issue with it is that I find a bit difficult to blend together the strokes, or obtain clean shapes.
In my opinion it would help if we had some more brushes that are constrained to the surface, and blend nicely like the "clay" and "hpolish" brushes in zbrush.

The Clay brush in Medium is a volumetric brush that adds foam in a 3D space, or it can be constrained to the surface... but the clay brush in zbrush is a surface brush that sample the points on the surface under the mouse to find an averaged center and to find an averaged normal. This ensures that the stroke blends very nicely on the surface.

Another thing that I think would help, since Medium is SDF based, would be to add blending between the stroke and the existing volume, as currently there is no soft transition and it feels a bit hard.

Thank you for listening, and congrats about this awesome software!
Hope to see a new release soon :)

Hi there,

I just wanted to make a list of features that are either missing or not working properly.

1) UV Space. I would like to choose what range I am baking. This is especially important for files with UDIMs.
The workaround is having a duplicated file (from the one I use later in painter) where I assign a different material to every UDIM, and then move all the UVs between 0 and 1. This way I can bake by material... which brings me to the second problem.

2) Bakers don't remember the selected materials. If I want to... let's say, bake the normal map for "material1", then the normal map for "material2", I will have to manually activate/deactivate my bakers, and correctly select the material material in the left column by hand, baking each one at a time. I consider this a wrong behaviour/bug, as I loose the ability to batch the baking process.
An "Override selection" checkbox would be useful here.
3) Filenames with lower-case letters only.
In "Override Common Output File Parameters", when choosing a name for the baked file, only lower-case letters are allowed. In our pipeline we use lower and upper case letters for filenames (yes, I know :D), and changing the name later is a bit a annoying.

4) Folder name always defaults to the Substance Designer folder when activating "Override Common Output File Parameters".
This is a bit annoying, because I would prefer it would keep the folder specified when the override checkbox is not activated. Instead, if I just want to change the filename, I need to change the path everytime.

I recently did the same straight in Painter.
I worked in 4K, painting always in the same, single, layer (this speeds up the performances).
I exported everything to 8K in the end.
Surely I missed the lattice tool to distort the projected image, as volker was saying above.
Of course if you need extreme close-up, you may want an even bigger resolution, but 8K did the job for me.

Thank you Jeremie for your reply.
Having a perfect match with photoshop blending would be great indeed.

Still, for my own knowledge, I would be curious to know how Photoshop and Designer retain their saturation with transparent pixels, or the actual formula used by Painter.

In my mind, if I just convert the mask from linear to srgb in Painter, the only difference I can imagine between Designer and Painter should only be in the falloff of the mask... but pixels should keep their saturation.

For example, I tried to do as beneoff suggested a couple of posts above, and the result is still heavily desaturated.
I suppose there is just some math that I am ignoring at the moment, that doesn't let me understand what is actually happening.


Nope, the issue doesn't seem to be related to wrong gamma.
If I try to do as you suggest, the result will still be heavily desaturated.
For some reason, colors with transparent pixel loose their saturation, but I can't understand why.

Hi Groovy Patrol, thank you for your reply.

I just checked at home, where I have installed the older Substance Painter 2.3.0, and the problem is there as well.

I wonder if it has always been like that.

Another test I made, was to paint in a regular paint layer, no mask, with a big soft red brush over a white background.
The brush preview seems to be correct, but as soon as I make a stroke, I get the same ugly desaturated result.

I hope that the devs can look into it :)

Hi there,

Where I work we've recently found out what it looks to be a very strange issue (SPainter v. 2.5.3 ).
Long short story, the "normal" blending between layers that use a mask seems to be off, with painter heavily desaturating transparent pixels on bright backgrounds.
Please note that in Designer this blending mode ("copy") works as expected, exactly like in photoshop.

Here a picture showing the issue:

In the picture above, I've used the exact same color and the exact same mask in all the applications.

Please note that, if the background was perfectly black instead of white, the result would have been correct.
The more the background is bright, the more transparent pixels get desaturated.

I personally consider this a bug, not only because its behaviour is different from its twin app Substance Designer, but also because this is the most basic blending mode.

Hope this helps.


Hi guys,

I'm so happy to see that in Designer you finally exposed the transforms as widgets!
I hope we will see this feature in Substance Painter 3, together with a nice transform tool :)

Thanks guys, Designer 6 is going to make me happy (I know, wrong section of the forum :D )

I have the same problem.
The exported normal maps are just the height channel converted, without combining the "input mesh data" normal map.

Bumping this request again :)

I think it's probably one of the most important requests right now.
Also, there is another entry in uservoice with the same request and with a lot of votes (, but  hevonen's one is explained much butter.

Is there any ETA for it?

Substance DesignerSubstance Designer - Discussions - Re: 8k texture support
 on: August 13, 2015, 05:12:08 pm 
I've just seen this thread.
Thank you Cyrille for your kind reply, I understand now the reason of the cpu limit.
Said that, I know that SD main purpose is to create substances, but for me it has become my main tool for baking and texturing maps (I bypass photoshop almost entirely).
Sadly, as I work on real-time characters with 4K maps most of the times, working with SD can be difficult, as the amount of VRAM available on most GPUs is quite limited.
Sure, working at lower resolutions may work, but I think that from an artist point of view it is important to work on the final resolution.
I hope we will see a CPU engine one day, that is not meant for making substances, but rather compositing texture maps.
Btw, thanks for the awesome job on SD5!

Hi Nicolas,

Thank you for your reply.
I've updated the above substance using floats and it works :)
Now, I think that this is something should be fixed, or limited in a way.
Perhaps if it is not possible to fix it, just limit integers parameters to positive values only or better document the issue?

Thanks again for your help!

Hi there,

Are aliases working correctly? I can't setup a filter in my library using an alias as URL name.
Note that I've setup both the Library and Aliases options in the preferences window to point to the same path (as I was used to do in SD4).
I'm on SD5.1.1, windows 8.

Hi there,
I just wrote a simple utility to remap the HSL node to photoshop's Hue/Saturation/Value parameters.
You can find it here

Now, if I substitute the inputColor node directly inside of, everything works fine.
But, as soon as I instantiate it in another graph, negative values always appear to be broken.
Is it a bug, or am I doing something wrong?


P.S. Forgive some redundant nodes in the functions... some of them are there for debug purposes.

I've updated the link with the fixed

The clone tool is very highly ranked in my wishlist too :D

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