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Just had the same issue, is this solved ?

The parameters will still only appear on the substance inspector of the actual substance material, so your custom material will be free from substance parameters and you can go and tweak those substance directly in their own inspector.

Is this still the case ? The proposed workaround means you need one substance shader in lib per object with different parameters, pretty hard to maintain.

There is literally more than 3 questions similar to yours, please to check the forum before creating new thread.
There is export presets in Painter, especially made for Ai5 that will export all the required maps (you need to be in the metallic roughness workflow I think).

The only issue I have is about color managment, but I think they are working on adding OCIO ACES.

If your using Designer, there is a script in C4DtoA to turn substances into arnold shaders:

I'm not sure I understand Jeremie's statement about the file being too big.
From what I understand the maps ARE already included in the sbar so I don't get what would change in giving the source from that perspective.

So if I got it right you don't need the `.sbs` as they are only made of maps and map cleaning nodes. If you need to tweak the albedo inside substance, you can just reference the `.sbar` in your SD Graph, using the ouptuts to do whatever you want.

Waiting for Jemerie to either approve or not what I'm stating here :)

For anyone googling this the node in 2017 is 'Safe Transform'

IMHO it's really useful to use different layout while working.

The simplest implementation that come to my mind is the one made by Nuke.
It is a simple XML definition of windows type, size, and position.

Having a way to store and restore windows layout is a must to me.

How hard do you think it is to implement ? Is there a related road map schedule ?

Thanks for the recent updates,
It's getting more and more user-friendly/powerful over the years.
Great job.

Hi, sorry for the delay in responding. But I don't think I understand your response. I understand what you mean by using the same graph, but it is the uncompressed scan data as input that I'm asking for, since it seems to be the scans that are determining the weave patterns. I get that they are heavy, but they also seem useful. Am I missing something here?

You can just reference and use the output which will be tileables directly from the raw data.
I don't understand your needs.


I love the suite a lot, especially since recent releases.
I'm struggling to find advanced tutorials. The advanced introduction on the Academy are nice, but introductions, it's hard to go beyond on your own.


Would be great to have this feature as a single click based on currently active map.

Do you happen to have a link for the OSX H16.0 version ? Can't seem to find archives in plugins downloads.

Do you have a timeframe for the VOP switch ? That would be a huge huge game changer.

Same thing is happening to me. Did you managed to get rid of it ?

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