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tried to upload a devided mesh on which i need to make map for. That didnt worked too.

I do not understand what you mean by that.^^

Are there hidden objects in the scene that could cast shadows onto the object visible in the screenshot? What do the UVs look like? Can you upload the scene (or part of the scene) somewhere so we can take a closer look at it?

I always to autoUVing in Maya as I find it that that is the only thing that works.

I will not deter you from importing an auto-mapped highres-model into Painter of course, and it depends on what you are planning to do with your textured model, but if you want to texture it in Substance Painter in any remotely professional way (and do anything else with it but render a pretty picture for your personal gallery) I advise you to revise your workflow.

Study UV mapping techniques to begin with.

I'd say you need to adjust (lower) your baking distance settings (Max frontal/ rear distance for normals and min/max occluder distance for AO).

The UVs are looking really weird. Have you UVd the high poly mesh from Mudbox? On top of that they seem very distorted in certain areas, you probably have applied some kind of auto mapping. I'd say the model you imported into Painter isn't at all ready to be painted on. You need to retopologize your model from Mudbox, create new UVs for that new low res model, and import that into Painter.

You also need to assign materials with unique names to your object (like e.g. a phong material named 'Eyes' for the eyes). Those names will be displayed in the TextureSet List in Painter. The TextureSet 'phong1' might be the eyes, who knows. Try to select it and check if you can paint on the eyes.

The 'explode' method is a method that is used when a 'match by name' feature isn't available (like e.g. in ZBrush). The 'match by name' feature is a replacement for the older explode method.

You have an exploded version of your high res mesh loaded in the 'High Def Meshes' section of the baking window, but a non-exploded low res version that you want to paint, is this correct? That won't work. All parts of the low res mesh version need to be in the same location in 3d space as their matching high res counterpart.

It's not really possible to use the clone tool to hide UV seams, right? I mean it is kind of possible, but I still get clearly visible (normal map) seams when cloning across UV shell borders that are impossible to eliminate. The seams are less visible after cloning, but can still be seen.

I'm under the impression that it actually got worse with 2.03.

Could I be doing something wrong?

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Technical Support - Re: UV help
 on: March 25, 2016, 08:37:40 am 
Post screenshots please.

What texture are you using? Did you create it yourself, is it tileable?

They should not have removed the older browse method, I agree. No reason why we should not have both techniques.

Thanks for your answer Fabian,

so what do i have to change in blender or SP to paint all sides of the cube? Do i have to UV unwrap all sides on onto one set?

Yes. You need to put all UV shells into 0-1 UV space. You can assign a separate material to each side of the cube, but those will be treated as separate texture sets, you will not be able to paint across the materials (meaning, you need to paint each side of the cube individually). Painter does not support multiple UV sets yet.

Post your system specs please. Graphics card, processor, RAM, graphics driver.

You need to assign materials with distinct names to the objects.

You might also want to name the objects themselves with a '_low' extension (e.g. 'body_low' and 'hand_low') if you are planning to use the Painter baking features (e.g. 'match by mesh name', which can prevent normal baking artifacts with overlapping objects). You need a matching separate OBJ file with your high res meshes in it (named with a _high extension) in this case of course.

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Technical Support - Re: Seam problem
 on: March 22, 2016, 03:38:49 pm 
This is really not enough information to help you here. Tell what you have done exactly, post a screenshot of the UV layout, maybe the layer stack, or better upload the scene file somewhere - if you can - so we can take a closer look.

File format format seems to influence the baking result for some reason. I also get jagged bakes when importing the FBX files directly into Painter, when I export the files in OBJ format in Modo and bake the maps again in Painter the normals are significantly less jaggy:

Painter needs UDIM support, yes. A lot more than iRay support in my opinion. Also, you can't paint across objects in Painter, you can only paint one texture set at a time, which is a pretty harsh limitation imo.

UDIM support will be implemented in the 2.x cycle afaik, so we'll just have to wait.

Put all layers you need into a group, right-click the group and select 'Create smart material'.

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