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I have the same issue mentioned above. And if I uncheck a texture and recheck it, nearly every time I get a black, empty texture that crashes UE4 if I try to open it. This happens more frequently if the output nodes in the sbsar are set to DXT1 or anything other than the normal.

Glad to hear it! That should be pretty good :o.

In the meantime, I've forced DXT1 / DXT5 on the channels I use on my substances, except the Normal which I set to 32-bit RGBa. Is this a good way of doing things, or should I leave the outputs to Normal?

Also, as per my other post, why does the format show up as R8G8B8A8 or G8 (for gray, which is fine), in UE4 for substances rather than whatever it ends up being compressed as? Does it actually get compressed to DXT1/5 unless you specify it in the sbsar?

I also now have a problem with 4.14's Substance plugin. The sbsar does not generate or update textures randomly after changing settings or resolution. Instead I get a black image which crashes the UE editor if I try to open it. Reimporting the substance doesn't fix the problem and sometimes crashes the editor too.
This happens with any substance I have. I even made a new one to test it with. I don't know if it's local to my project or not, but I had no such behavior in 4.13. The behavior seems more frequent if I set the output format in SD prior to building the sbsar, perhaps.

Hey guys!

After importing a substance and generating its textures, they all appear to take up a LOT of memory and their compression shows as R8G8B8A8 in the top right, and the compression settings are grayed out. In one case the BaseColor image is 21854kb while the same image exported from SD and imported to have DXT1 compression is only 2731kb. I can see in the grayed out Compression settings box in the SD texture that it's set to Default (DXT1/5, etc) so is this 10-fold (almost) size increase just a bug in the UI, or is it really in some other format? :P.

I also noticed, while looking into this, that I can force DXT1 in Substance Designer on the Output node but not DXT5 or BC5.

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