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Each time I try to open a project in Substance Painter 1.3.3 (same with 1.3.2), it crashes with the following error message:

Windows 10 Technical Preview Build 10049.

Probably has to do with Windows10, files opened fine in Windows 8.1 on the same system. Just wanted to let you know there are problems with Painter and Windows10/ nVidia drivers.

I'm a new user with Substance Designer, and am experimenting a bit with it (and watching the youtube tutorial videos).

I have created a very simple mesh object with UVs in an external 3D application and am applying a ground dirt effect to it (as illustrated in this tutorial: ).

The problem is that there is a very harsh seam visible (where the UV seams are):

Is there some way to prevent this? Or is the effect presented in the above video just a very simple 2D kind of effect?

I was considering to buy this toolset, I find myself switching allot from 3D coat to marmoset toolbag to see how my paintwork is looking in the PBR workflow. Seeing this tool has build in PBR rendering is a real plus but having no support for my spacemouse puts me completely off.

Integrated PBR will come to 3D Coat with one of the next builds, Andrew is already working on it for the last couple of weeks.

I am also using 3D Coat for all painting tasks, and am looking for a good reason to give Substance Painter a try. Right now, the only real reason I see is the ability to transfer all texturing work - including all separate layers, which is quite spectacular imo and missing from other apps - from one UV layout to another one.

Too many features I like in 3D Coat seem to be missing in Painter though, like e.g. Height/ Color limiter (paint cavities/ heights only), or even simple features like aligning the brush orientation to the stroke (correct me if I'm wrong).

The 2k limitation (or 4k for version 1.0) is per sub-object, not for the entire imported OBJs, right?

Any news on when higher resolution textures will be implemented? 2k is barely enough for testing purposes, let alone serious texture work.

Tutorial videos I have seen are looking great, but the texture resolution limit renders the entire program completely useless for me.

With support for 8k textures purchase will be a nobrainer. With 2k limit? No way.

Creating 3D animated TV commercials.

I'm thinking about getting the commercial version of substance designer and have a question that might be a bit stupid and probably has been asked before. It's concerning the fact that the maximum resolution for textures in substance designer (and as it seems also in substance painter) seems to be 2048x2048 pixels.

Whats up with that? Maybe someone can explain.

I assume that, don't laugh, substance designer is aimed exclusively at texturing game assets? Its not about texturing highly detailed assets that can be used e.g. in feature films (or for TV commercials in my case)? Can it work with and output textures with a resolution of 4096x4096 pixels or higher?

Can substance designer handle models with multiple UV tiles? When I take a look at tutorial videos they always seem to work with one single texture and one single UV tile.

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