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So I have this weird problem which I haven't come across before in Substance, I'm using the vanilla grunge map 11 that comes with Designer to drive some rust effects but it appears totally different when I import the .sbsar into Painter. Even the normal maps/base colour etc look nothing like what appears in Painter compared to Designers viewer.

I'll enclose the .sbs file in case you want to check it out yourself, I'm using Designer v6.0.3 and Painter v7.3.1.

I want to create metal panelling with rivets around each panel, but also be able to change the scale of the panels on the fly. If I use the transform node to place each shape it's a pain in the ass and also doesn't change with the generator- so is there a way to automate the placement process along edges or something?

Oh wow, that's brilliant. I'd been trying to figure out how I could squish the cells to elongate them without destroying the tiling, didn't realise the 'make it tile' node existed aha. Thank you!

I have been trying to emulation old oak bark for about 3 days straight...No joke. I would say I am intermediate skill level in Designer but this is the hardest texture I have tried to make yet, so any detailed advice would be GREATLY appreciated.

I am specifically finding it hard to nail down the inter-connected system of deep cracks that run mostly vertical, but also with smaller joining horizontal cracks.

I have tried using a tile sampler but don't really have the broader knowledge of the program to nail down the primary shapes properly and make them interact with each other the way natural Oak bark does.

My most recent go I tried using Cells 3 with different levels masks and directional warps but that just came out kind of..blobby.

Edit: I think my images are broken, maybe they are too big? But if you click image icon it will still load them up.

Just to update- I have tried many things yet I can't seem to control the smoothing groups on one of the doors still. I have tried:

- Unlocking normals
- Smoothing then hardening the edges
- Exporting to another maya document before exporting out
- Triangulating mesh before exporting
- Centering pivot, freezing transform and deleting history before export.
- Checked fbx. setting but it has smoothing groups enabled so it should be saving the info.

None have worked so far.

Hey Jeremie thanks for taking a look. I understand about the smoothing, but the smoothing groups from my low poly aren't being applied in Painter 2.

would you be able to post the models you are baking, high low and cage .fbx files?  I can take a look pretty quick.

I've attached the files, I also tried Triangulating the mesh but it produced the same results. It's odd because I have managed to bake another object off fine, but this one doesn't even want to retain the smoothing groups when I import to Painter. Thanks for giving it a look.

Some comments with the best of the intentions:

- Perhaps "x" amount of days may not be considered too often, when some people needs to deliver a project and is also under pressure.

Thank you for putting into words my feelings. I have a final project due soon which is worth most of my credits for my university course, to be brushed aside because of 'internal tasks' doesn't feel nice as a paying customer, especially when I'm still waiting for an answer or some help.

Still need some help here.

So is this an issue with the software or am I doing something wrong here?

Anything I try to bake in Painter either refuses to bake or comes out wrong. This has been going back to March, part of which is apparently a known issue ->

Although now most maps are refusing to bake. If by some miracle they do bake the smoothing is all over the place, even if the model has only hard smoothing set in maya exports.

I have a final project hand-in next month and at this point am pretty much tearing my hair out and not being able to finish anything...

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