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I was wondering if mesh subdivision is going to be supported in any future version of Painter. I found several topics.

I has not been addressed appropriately. Painter is pretty much crashing into movie production. This would be an important feature to add as it's integral to tri-planar projections and better masking. Subdividing before export is kind of old school and a nice way to triple or quadruple up space usage.

I'm doing a stretch in Fusion these days and there's a lot of great stuff in this compositing package that Substance Designer can and should borrow idea's from.

One of those is to allow formulas and math symbols in the parameters so that instead of grabbing my calculator I can quickly test various outcomes.

Multiple viewports is another. Being limited to only a single 2D view is quite upsetting. A wiper or other type of overlay mechanic in the viewport would also be welcome.

Multiple parameter views so it's easier to go back and forth between function and node-graph. There's so many clicks to be done; a real RSI developer.

Another idea, earlier pitched, atomic fractal nodes? Mandelbrot, Collatz, Newton, Pickover stalk, Burning ship, etc.

At first glance it seems the border for changing the ratio of a dialog window in SD is infinitesimal because it's almost a very difficult mini-game for the scaling cursor to show up.. but it isn't really and I'm kind of bothered by it.

Please make this more visible.

EDIT: There is 1px of space for the scaling cursor to show up on all sides of a dialog, but apparently there's a ~4px border at the top and a ~2px border along every side inside the window. There's no notification in terms of icon but it's there.


I'm on 2017.2.2 and I'm finding a couple things are not working for me when exporting my graph to an .sbsar.

Firstly, is there a limit to how many inputs an .sbsar can have? I'm using one with 2 material channels (each 5 inputs) and 2 custom inputs; totalling 12. When I drag in my .sbs it works as expected but when I import the .sbsar it misses one specific input. I've rebuilt the inputs several times; each time with one missing.

Secondly, the True and False labels don't get exported into the .sbsar.

Thirdly, another problem. It seems when all Input Parameters in an Input Parameter Group have a Visibility condition, they don't always become visible again when the Visibility Boolean is switched before moving to a different node and back. It's like the Boolean is not remembered and has a 'third state' when not selected?

I was just reading about the Flood Fill algorithm on Wikipedia.. I know; of all places.

The difference I am seeing is, in Designer currently, all islands need to be closed off by a black border yet in the article we see images like this. Does this lie in future for the Flood Fill node?

I'm a really big fan of this collection and I don't see why it hasn't been added to the software yet. Every time I have to tediously place these files; it'd be much better if they're integrated.

Substance DesignerSubstance Designer - Feature Requests - Switch node inputs
 on: November 13, 2017, 05:11:50 pm 

It would be helpful if it's possible to switch the inputs of a node with a keyboard shortcut. For example, in Mari this is 'Shift+x'.

Kind regards,

Why does the Height to Normal node behave differently after a Transformation3D node than it does after a SafeTransform node? Actually looks like it inverts the green channel.

I know the title is a little unclear but I'm not sure how to address this issue. My keyboard shortcuts stop working. 'Del' doesn't delete, 'Backspace' doesn't delete and relink, 'd' doesn't dock, etc. Spacebar keeps working but that's about it.

I think I've backtraced it to whenever I use the docking function, it stops acknowledging any other command afterwards, but I have a hard time reproducing because the problem is so persistent that even when I close Designer and the terminal I'm running it from (I'm on linux at work) it is still active in the next Designer boot.

I've not tried removing preferences as we are currently still sharing those between users. I attached a log.


Maybe I'm just being obtuse, but is it possible to move frames to fore and background?



I'm currently doing a small project in which I do not need the 3D view and since I like working with as little panels as necessary, I close it by default. However, when I close it, all the other panels stop responding every time. I'm using 2017.1.

Kind regards,


To preface my question, these threads are kind of related:

It would be great to have a larger variety of explicit noise patterns like mister Dog did here:

It's great that the guy built this and I'm definitely buying, but I think it would be even better if these noises (and more) become native to Designer. Just to name a few: Turbulence, Gabor, Wavelet, Inigo, FBM+,  Brownian, etc.


Only recently figured out that Designer doesn't save a window layout and looking for the subject only gave this thread from 2015:

Would be nice to save a specific layout so, in case I'm unable to save my scene or close the program manually, I won't have to rebuild a window layout before continuing work. Multi-monitor / floating tabs would be great.


I'm looking for help on this issue I'm having where I am unable to use Iray for longer than ~15 seconds. The whole of Substance Designer 6 has been working flawlessly until recently. I can boot an Iray render in an empty graph and have it crash after a short amount of time on just a base material; no changes made.

The graph I'm trying to render is only quite small and 2k w/h. I'm running a i7 3820 @ 3.4 (8 cores), 32gb of ram @1800mhz and a zotac 1080. I really, for the life of me, can't figure out why it keeps on crashing. I've never had this issue with SD5. I've never had this issue with SD6. On my laptop it runs fine and that has way less powerful specs. I don't get it and reading the crash file didn't make it any clearer to me...


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