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Anyone else have the issue with the launcher being very laggy? And by that i mean when browsing substance source typing in text is even delayed, I have a pretty high end rig and fiber internet, so im not entirely sure whats going on. Substance Source works great on the website with no isses but within the launcher its insanely slow.

SubstanceSubstance - Purchases & Licenses - No License File
 on: July 01, 2020, 03:08:33 am 
Hello! I have been a subscriber of substance since the end of 2018. The last few months i cancelled my sub as I didn't have time to be on my computer. Now i am back and I just resubscribed, the money has been taken out of my bank acount but under my account it shows I have no license file or subscription. When I open painter through the launcher and I sign into my account it says I have to valid License there as well. Any idea whats going on?

I see the pen pressure settings for flow and size, but doesn't seem to be one for stroke opacity? Am I crazy or is it just not possible.

Hi, could you try updating to the latest 2018.3 and let us know if the issue is still present?

Yea I can, I have really slow internet so it will take a bit but I will let you know how it goes!

I'm having a small issue, on the left is my texture inside Substance, on the right is the exported. Yes I know it's a flat color etc and looks diff, but the circled area, the miss color information...Anyone got any clue whats going on there?

'Suffix' means that you need to attach it at the END of the object names.

You would have to name your objects e.g. 'Blade_HP_' if you want this to work correctly.

I never realized it said Suffix wow haha thanks! Any idea on the soft edges though? When importing into substance it isn't reading my hard edges on my blade, UE4 reads them fine but for some reason substance does not.

Hey guys so i've been having an issue with this for a very long time to be honest, some times it works some times it does not work. I have the mesh by name selected, and inside of my fbx I have each piece named correctly. It seems as if substance is still just ignoring this and baking and i am getting some really bad artifact, also another small issue, when exporting my FBX from Maya, upon importing to substance, it seems it is not keeping my smoothing groups.

I've attached pictures of my naming set up in Maya and my prefix set up in substance, plus an error im getting.

I can export Jpeg's just fine, only when i do PNG it exports black,.,...but i need them png lol...Any ideas?

Hey guys so in substance painter when i goto export my textures, everything exports fine, normals and all. only the color map...The mail color exports pure black. I saw in the program that my Color ID is pure black, i have backed it it still comes out black, any idea why?

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