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HI, I'm still having the video driver crash on a project i started before the windows 10 upgrade. New projects seem to work fine. I would love to be able to save this project, log file attached.


Still crashing when i load my custom mesh in Substance Designer. I have a GTX 760, windows 10 and the 355.98 Driver.

I love the new functionality of adding the normal and ambient occlusion channels to the paint-able layers stack! My question is about the blending modes when painting normal details on your existing normal map. Currently there is no blending mode you can choose to completely override the underlying normal map. For example I want to paint rivets on a noisy normal surface, when i do this the noisy normal always shows through the new rivet normal. Mostly blending modes have the same issue, but some don't utilize any masking on the normal channel of the tool I am using. Any chance we can get a blending mode that will allow you to stamp a normal on top of your existing one and have it properly override or blend with the existing normal?

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