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*procedural material

Bristol - yellow
*scan-based material

*scan-based material

Substance DesignerSubstance Designer - Discussions - Stitch Tool
 on: July 16, 2020, 10:21:06 pm 
Trying to apply rows of 'stitches' based on these white stripes and you can see a mock-up of what I'm trying to achieve in the attached image. I've looked everywhere for custom nodes, checked Substance forums, checked Artstation, tried tile sampler, tried pattern distribution map, etc.

Galen, I sent you an email with a download link to the example project

My experience with the Substance to Corona Renderer material workflow is that you will always need to adjust bump and displacement to taste, i.e. the material does not load automatically with per material bump / displacement settings.

Additionally, it appears that the Substance 'Bake Outputs' option is definitely applying a gamma correction internally, such that the resultant baked maps require a 0.45 gamma adjustment, post hoc.

This has been reported many times in the past - at least over a year ago, perhaps even earlier. Can you comment on why this might still be the case? Can you confirm that this will be addressed in the next release?

Can you post a link to previous versions? There is no access to previous versions on the Substance ecosystem webpage.

Any updates on this? I can provide an example project if necessary.

The issues persist unchanged in 2.3.4

Sounds good, I'll report back here if any of these issues are resolved 2.3.4

How can we access previous versions of the Substance in 3ds Max plugin?

If you skip post-render denoising, the following error messages appear, and prevents the crash sometimes:

error messages

Max crashes consistently after render denoising

After REMOVING all substance files from the scene, rendering completes successfully with no crash

Video documenting the issue and multiple troubleshooting steps to address the issue. Video shows that removing all substances (.sbsar) from the scene resolves the issue. Watch x1.5-2.0 speed.

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