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SubstanceSubstance - Purchases & Licenses - Re: well what now?
 on: November 21, 2020, 02:07:51 am 
Please tell me I have this wrong. I got the rent-to-own option years ago and kept up with the subscription thinking that I could quit at any point and get the last version that I had subscribed to. I knew there was an eventual end date but I thought that was in 2021. I missed any email that stated otherwise. It seems the deadline may have passed a couple of weeks ago. Is there anyway I can still get the perpetual license? (I don't care if it's the most current or not) for Painter and Designer? I hardly use it so I hadn't paid that much attention but after some 40 monthly payments I have invested a huge sum and would like to have a permanent version. I can't continue to afford the $20/month. Please let me know what I must do. thank you

I am currently subscribed to Substance and have been for a few years now with the rent-to-own original plan. I'm confused about what I need to do to stop the subscription and just have a permanent licence to Painter and Designer. I'm not sure what the 10/30/20 cutoff date means. I thought I had until 11/2021 to cash out and buy the permanent license. Please let me know - sorry if this has been made clear elsewhere.

I'm wondering if once Alchemist is released if I will be able to use it as part of the same indie subscription I have had for many months and if, like Painter and Designer,  I will be able to get a permanent license after a certain time period like before?

Substance Integrations - MODO - Re: MODO 11 Series
 on: July 14, 2017, 12:56:32 am 
Where can I find the documentation (and or video) for using this new substance plugin for Modo 11? Or is it the same as what was used for previous versions? (which I'm also having difficulty finding) I've been able to import the texture output from Substance Painter to Modo's unreal shader implementation with relative success but I assume this new plugin offers more than that...perhaps better allowing the use of Modo's own PBR shaders thta would be helpful when the final output is more for print and not a game engine.
Thank you for any info.

Sorry - just found it, I didn't realize there were 2 s. painter downloads, one for substance painter 2... and another for just substance painter (below it) which I thought was for even earlier versions and not the 2017 which it was...

I recently subscribed to substance (about 2 weeks ago - previously owned lic. for Substance Painter 1 and designer 5)

I am using  Painter 2.6.1 and confused about why under the app's update it says I have the latest version. I don't see 2017.1 in my downloads/license page. I was trying to complete a tutorial for painter and it was using a filter that apparently was only available in the 2017.1 release.
Do I need to do something more to get this release?

Also, I see on the top of the application that it says 16 days remaining - I am set up to pay each month via paypal -so I assume SP automatically resets this each month once getting the payment?

I just stumbled upon this old post and wanted to chime in with my enthusiastic agreement with this request. More ways to easily create NPR type materials and painting in both SD and SP would be a fantastic addition and something I'm very much interested in. Hope your development team will eventually be able to devote more time to this area. thanks

I didn't see where to email support directly so I'm asking here. I have a Mac indie license for Substance Painter and Designer that  I got back in Nov 2014. Sadly I never was able to spend much time with it but now would like to upgrade to the latest indie version as well as change my license to Windows so I can run it on my new computer.
I logged into my profile but didn't see any license listed - (not sure if my forum profile and user profile are the same - same email address though) I still have all my documentation from the purchase.
I'm hoping someone can tell me this will be possible to get an upgrade price for this...
thanks in advance

I just purchased the upgrade to the indie pack (from a indie SP license) and downloaded the latest build for Mac. ( using OS 10.9.5)I am unable to open/license S. Designer as it won't allow me to paste or type anything into the user-name field. I can paste the license key numbers but not the user name. I tried this on both my laptop and workstation but no go... not sure what to do
Should I try an earlier build?

Thanks Meshsel this is helpful to know. So from what I'm now to understand, SP will make the normal map on export and it isn't necessary to load a normal map created in an external program first. Little by little I'm starting to figure this out.

I just tried the Marmoset Toolbag demo - seems perfect for my needs, thank you.

Would it ever be possible to have a plugin for Maya, Modo, etc that would import and approximation of the PBR settings (somehow converting the PBR textures so Modo or Maya could read the texture properly and attempt recreating the material info) or is this a fantasy that would never happen due to whatever reason...?

The subject says it all - Substance Painter seems mainly targeted for game engines that will support the pbr shader (I assume anyway) Is there another program where you can bring in all the texture outputs from SP (including the channels related to PBR) to allow a full render of the model so that the material info looks exactly (or close enough) like what was painted in SP? If not, it would be very helpful to have some kind of tutorial showing the best workflow for say - the best methods for recreating the look using the texture maps in a program like Modo or Maya.  Thanks for any info in advance...

thanks but my normal maps were just throw away tests, not worth uploading really - just trying to learn the program. I was surprised to see that SP now seems to export out a normal map with all the other channels without having imported a normal map first.  Hopefully this is true - as I mainly want to be able to export out the height information properly for a bump or displacement map to use in Modo. I was under the impression (likely mistaken) that you could only output the height info if there was a preexisting normal map.

SP seems it likes the fbx better than obj in terms of importing a file without error for me. I also tried loading a lxo but SP had an error and wouldn't load the file at all, have no idea why however the same file worked OK with an FBX format. Perhaps some of my trouble stems from my older computer (2008 Mac Pro) and it's rather outdated video card.

I mainly wanted to know if there was documentation somewhere on the exact procedure/settings to get the best normal maps into SP. I see where there is a whole new batch of video tutorials on the way so maybe all will be answered there.


I am new to SP and have a problem getting a normal map to load properly (that was created either by Modo 801 or ZBrush into the full version of the 1.0 release of SP. I don't have much experience using normal maps so I'm sure it is something I'm doing wrong but the documentation on normal maps with SP seems pretty thin. The normal map appears to be ok in Modo/Zbrush but I've encountered numerous problems loading it into SP - either it doesn't appear at all tried .png and .tga (or doesn't properly fit into the texture's uv space as it is seen in Modo) I've tried numerous attempt with a variety of files, flipped the green channel and made sure my UV's were ok but I still can't seem to get it to work. My understanding is that you won't be able to properly get height information or have the full benefit of SP without using a normal map. If anyone can point me to a tutorial or documentation on how to get a proper workflow from Modo or Zbrush in to SP I would be greatly appreciated. I'm not a game artist and hardly know anything about this workflow - I just wanted to use what looks like a stellar 3D paint application but I'm frustrated that I can't seem to get this to work.

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