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It is possible add option to switch Scrooll Bars in Painter(possible also in Designer) to left side or something like middle-mouse click scrolling? Because I working on Cintiq and I am also lefty and my hand is in view when i want to scroll materials or brushes, ect. And it will be nice feature to have.

Hi all

First of all I don't want to make any commercial thing for Quixel Suite 2. I just want to know your opinion on new Quxel Suite 2 vs Substance Painter and Designer.
This is my opinion on Quixel Suite 2
I tried it yesterday and I was little bit disappointed. I used DDO and NDO before I start using Substance software. But right know for me DDO is very slow and not intuitive compare to Painter, for me is Desigenr and Painter integration big plus, because I can make my own materials and generators for Painter. Also painting in DDO Painter is weird for me, some time it works ok, some times not and also it still some loading stuff popup because i change something.
I dotn say that QS2 is bad, maybe somebody will like it, but for me Desigenr and Panter wins this round :)
Thanks sharing your opinion on tihs.

froyok thanks, I look at substance in Player and there wrote something around 2579ms, it is possible look at this number directly in Designer? It is mistery for me because I just replace some grunge maps for that new one from package and adjust some settings and publish. But maybe it is because I left check Output Size for publish SBSAR, when I uncheck it it is more faster.

For that what want to try it, here si materials for Painter, it will render thumbnail like forever.

If you find where is problem I will be glad.

Bit of time? I let run Painter to render his thumbs nails and during 30 minuts, it created I think 8 of 30 materials what I have in Painter, so what is point have possibility of custom materials from SD and  then cant use them in Painter because Painter is not able create own thumb nail and during rendering one thumbnail ti took 5Gb of RAM because I dont know why, and Designer load that material during 5 seconds, and one thumbnail took 3-10 minutes to render thumbnail, and then somobody say you cant have too much own materials in shelf, I just killing time right now ( half of working day) because I make some changes to my own materials and Painter cant render thumbnail so I cant work.
I love Substance Designer and Painter, but this is another enoing think. So I must make rollback to 1.5.7 form 1.6 because 1.6 cant render thumbnails at all.

Edit: And also each new version of Substance Painter will rerender thumbnial, so every single new version I kill half of the day to waiting for thimbnails, I think guys in Allgorithimc should do something with this.

Unfortenatly I cant because it is NDA stuff, but I manage to make it work, and it was little bit my fault, because I exported FBX from zbrush, but I had check to export all subtools, so I export tree times whole 30 milion poly and try to bake it in SP, so I maybe run out of RAM when I try bake 90 milion polygons.

Also so that bake ist limited by hardwere like RAM or VRAM or is not limitation?


It is some kinf of polycount cap for High poly for baking in SP? Because I like baking option in SP, that I can bake all meshes with right naming at once, but when I use higher polycount for high poly meshes (around 30M poly for whole bake), bake end up with:

[Scene 3D] Failed to load 3D scene.
bad allocation
[Baking] Baking failed (Normal Map from Mesh)
[HighPolyMesh] Unable to load scene from Url 'file:/// "path to models" '
[Baking] Baking failed

Working PC is: i7, 16GB RAM and 2GB VRAM

I expoted high poly from zbrush with FBX( I done it several time with less poly meshes and everything works fine) and until i make some kind of decimation and high poly mesh have under 8M pol, I can bake maps in SP.
I dont under stand this is big issue for me, when I baking som hard surface stuff that after decimation some kind of artefakts show up in maps, so I need to be able bake non decimated mesh. Before I use Xnormal and this polycount wasnt issue.

Thanks for answer.

So far so good. I try few things with new drivers and no crash. I will try more stuff and we will see. but for know its looking good.

Windows 10 automatically updates EVERYTHING, and there's no direct option for turning off automatic updates to my knowledge.

If you read few first pages of this thread, you'll see that there actually is a workaround for windows 10 forcing the driver updates for specific drivers. I've been using that and old Win8 drivers for my Win10 for weeks already.

For Windows 10 Home edition it not working at all, no workaround, Windows 10 HE will still force new drivers update, even when you turn off driver update or hide it with MS tool. SP is broken on Windows 10 even when you install 347 drivers, OpenGL crash happen, when you try load some Substance Material made in Substance Designer, I try same material na Windows 8.1 without any problem and on Win 10 it will crash. And it taking so long to fix it, I think it is 4 month what this problem come up. i use SP a lot, but I switch to Mari Indie because of this problem. Thanks Allegorithmic to broke our whole pipeline.

Hey Wes,

So are you saying to change my filter to Windows 7 and select driver 347.88?

I'm surprised there's no error message saying that you cannot download this driver because you're on Windows 10 :)

Hey Matthew,

Yes, change it to windows 7 for the driver filter. Its works fine in Windows 10. I've been using 347.88 for a few months under windows 10 and there are zero crashes.



And you don't have problem with automatic drivers update? I have even when I turn off driver update  and use some tool from MS to hide updates. Nothing help, so right know I must put PC to sleep mode every time when I leave somewhere, because Windows after few minutes will install new drivers 35x.xx and that is big nono right know. At home I get back Win 8.1 but in work we have Win 10 and it is little bit annoying, but at lest I can work without crashes. I hope you will fix it soon. Good luck.

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