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Substance Integrations - UE4 - Re: FBX import from UE4 issue
 on: February 05, 2018, 03:14:23 pm 
Did you use some special charakters or whitespaces in your filepath? Stuff like that often causes trouble.

Yet if the goal of substance is to iterate the 'look' in engine this creates a lot of unnecessary extra work.

That's exactly the point ;)
I guess i'll wait a couple of days in case someone comes up with an idea and if not i will post this as a feature request.

Hi everyone,

i was wondering if there is a quick way to share a substance among multiple assets. To clarify what i mean:
I created some modular building pieces and a substance file for each piece. The substances are driven by id maps as well as some baked maps.
Right now if i want to change one of the exposed parameters in the unreal editor i have to manually change it for every substance instance (eg. i obviously want the bricks of a solid wall piece to have the same color as the wall piece with the window next to it).

Is there a better way to do that?

This is awesome  :o

btw: Sick layer stack. I imagine this is very time consuming finding stuff in there.

Hi Everyone,

i saw tons of awesome looking humanoid MATs but in my opinion his shape also resembles the one of a bear (i like bears).
Here is my attempt to create something like a tainted wooden bear MAT.

Hope you like it.
If you got any suggestions i would be glad to hear them  ;)

Johannes Götz

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