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He meant that you don't have UVs on that mesh named "Back Bar", Unwrap it in Max first then export it as .fbx.

Thank you for your detailed answer, well you're right, I shouldn't be so apprehensive with people you are working with, but when I start doing business with somebody I prefer to be cautious until time prove they're reliable

Ah ok, I see, so there's is no way to protect the model itself not to be used outside the software.
Maybe that would be a useful request?

I'm asking this because I want to share a project but I don't want the other person to use the model for other purposes

I know it could be difficult but i think it can be done

Thanks NRB, i think i can get used to the AL-Q trick i already use ctrl-alt Rclick, now we need the alt-click for layers only, and a plus would be a reminder in the window corner of the name of the texture set you are in for completely forget that ugly texture set popup

I have a 3d mouse, its in my shelf for years. Not very useful for a 3d modeler if you have to click things, use keys and orbit at the same time.

Now that you are Adobe, are you planning to migrate Pen and lazo tool for example?

Why dont you do it for layers and texture sets also? not just channels

Dont worry, i just realized i have to put a opacity alpha in the export options

Maybe im doing something wrong ive tried every format in the list, same result no transparency.

What do i have to do to get transparency? Please help me is crucial in my workflow

Like photoshop.. Is very useful to move layers with keyboard arrows.

In 3dsmax if you right click in a number slot you can reset to 0 for convenience

In photoshop other trick is to go up or down in value just by scrolling the wheel.

Is just me with this issue?

If not anyone have a solution?

Maybe is a Windows 10 thing that i have to uncheck?

I made it work by deleting smart materials via explorer, now i get full SM regenerated.
So my conclusion is what you said some of them where crashing maybe because where done in a different versoin, thanks

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