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hi there just wondering if marmoset 3 is compatable with sbsar files produced in substance designer 6? i have been trying to showcase my work in there however they are not appearing when i import through the material import or try to add them with the extra tab?

This has worked with sbsar filed from substance share, so i dont know if its a version issue or if i am publishing them wrong?

I posted this in another thread, just re-posting it here.

Hi there I am getting a similar issue, however my error list is not as long as the previous one. im trying to create an .sbsar however i get this error every time i try to publish. 

I am not sure what i causing this issue, however i was able to publish a less complicated graph (it didn't have materials dragged into it, or sub graphs) im not sure if there is something wrong with my work flow or this is just an error or bug. also in all graphs i try to publish i get a warning when selecting compression size that i have a node that is not pixel size is not relevant to parent (i previously had nodes that were uniform color so i set them to 32x32 pixel size however i have since reset all nodes to relative to parent and this warning still persists)

Would be grateful for any help with this.  :D

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