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Have a question about the Mattershot reference image - if i have say something like this - would I recreate everything in the image (buckles, leather etc) or just the main (cloth like) material?

Huge congrats to all the winners!

Bit sad to see that many of the winning entries hadn't made a thread here on the forum though, would have been nice to follow their progress  :-\

Had some extra fun with this after a colleague noted that it would be nice to see the other versions of MAT next to each other, kind of regret not playing around a bit more with this during the challenge.

MAT The Pure
MAT The Ashen Knight
MAT The Corrupted

And my mini breakdown!

Going to have a look through my body's layer stack and how I worked with the different layers. In the end - both the head and pedestal are built up in the same manner.

Really like the way you approached the challenge - had much of the same thoughts myself. Love the result and I have to say that you really nailed the cloth details.

Also want to see your full layer stack :D

@demonslayer Thanks man - checking yours out as well!
@NodrawIT - Awesome! Really wanted to nail it so feels really good. Thanks for the support :D

And here's the final renders plus linky over to Artstation for some additional renders. Also added the final image to the front post.

Going to make sort of a post mortem as well i think, breakdown a bit of it just for fun ;D

This also took about twice as long as it had to for the rendering - realized that I could make it with 4k textures instead of 2k after I had already rendered everything + fixed file names for uploading and whatnot.

Oh well who needs sleep anyway :P

Just because I could pretty much... I give you:

MAT of Cinder

Although it does need a bit more dramatic lighting...

Anyway - back to tweaking the normal one though. Think I'm going with something darker for the ground, might actually add a bit of emissive to it as well.

The latter.

11:59 Pacific Time (west coast, United States of America)... UTC-08:00
Also known as 8:59 Friday morning in France and Germany.

Cheers man, extra time to work then :)

Hooking on @demonslayer - is it 11:59pm (21:00 GMT) or 11:59pm (12th of May, 8:59 GMT?)

And more or less done with the head as well, went a lot faster than the body due to less layers to play around with plus no cloth or leather.

Pretty happy with it, going to work a bit more with the pedestal now and then it will be finished!

And finished with the body (for now... might have time to take an extra look later today) and starting with the head now.

Quite happy with the level of detail, every so slightly worried that I've made it a bit to fine or beaten but eh, can't say I don't love this type of stuff.  ;D

@DerDude Sorry for not saying anything, giddy with working on this ;D It's actually not that bad, most of them are named properly, or in the least grouped into something named properly. Will probably do a breakdown of this thing afterwards just for fun.

And here's the last update for tonight, got a good 12 hours of work done today :o

Pretty much done with the body (soon™) and then it's onto the head. Still need to do a second pass on some of the damage parts in addition to doing a pass on the cloth, but I'm really liking most of it for now.

MAT managed to kill off some rather hard enemies and picked up a somewhat darker armour set on they way ;)

Sadly he managed to take some damage as well on the way there so onto beating it up a bit!

Aaaaaand finished with the initial fine details... :D

Onto working with the materials and then going into the procedural damages and other awesome stuff.

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