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Hi, sorry to read your not satisfied with your brand new GPU.  :-[
I have no crash report concerning AI powered in my database. I have 2 other reports but not related to Material (AI powered) Did you send any of them?

On my side I have an RTX 3070 to perform some tests. Do you have any example of pictures not working with your GPU?

With the last 461.72 Studio drivers and an RTX 3070, Material AI powered run pretty smoothly on 4K images with Substance Alchemist 2.3.1/2.3.2, in less than 20 seconds to perform the computation.

When you swapped from your 2080 SUPER to the RTX 3090 did you perform a clean install of the last nVIDIA Studio drivers?

Thank you for your answer,

@tadsan Like attben did, please provide your log file. First be sure you are running the lats nVIDIA driver with a compatible hardware.

Image to Material (AI Powered) and Delighter

The image Delighter is only available under the following configuration:
  • Windows (version 8 minimum) and Linux
  • GPU with more than 2GB of VRam
  • GPU compatible with Nvidia CUDA version 11 and CUDA capabilities >= 3.5

The list of NVIDIA architecture supported are:
  • Maxwell ( GeForce 900 series & GeForce GTX 745+  & Quadro Mxxx )
  • Pascal ( GeForce 10 series & Quadro Pxxx )
  • Volta ( Titan V && Quadra GVxxx )
  • Turing ( GeForce 16 series + GeForce RTX 20 series & Quadro RTX x000 )
  • Ampere ( GeForce RTX 30 series )
  • Kepler ( Quadro K6000 )

You can follow the tutorial to learn how Image to Material AI Powered is working.

If the quality isn't what you want due to images resolution you can create your own wood planks:


Yes this is due to the displacement map grid resolution in our view-port render.
This is not affecting your exported material.

Having a better displacement map is always possible in real-time but it affect real-time viewport perfs by a lot.
So what you can see is actually our best compromise between quality and perfs.

You can workaround by decreasing the tilling of your material in the viewport zooming out a little bit and adjust the displacement quality settings.
Tilling 2X2:

Tilling 1X1:



Can you PM me or Baptiste your Alchemist log file situated here: C:\Users\**username**\AppData\Roaming\Allegorithmic\Substance Alchemist

Thanks in advance,

Our team is screening the forum on a daily basis, and we do our best to help you.

If you have a bug, you should report it in the software by going in Help-> Report a bug.

If you have technical issues, you may post it on the forum for the community to answer you.
If order to get help in an efficient manner, please follow those rules:
- don't duplicate threads, and don't ask the same questions in different threads. This will not make you get an answer faster :)
- Attach a log file to your post (In Help->Export log)
- Attach a screenshot of the issue to your post if possible
- Indicate some steps to reproduce the problem

Can you delete this folder and launch Substance Alchemist again?

C:\Users\**username**\AppData\Roaming\Allegorithmic\Substance Alchemist

Can you try to force Substance Alchemist to work with your dedicated AMD Radeon 530?

Hi Samuel,

If Alchemist crashes when you try to import a project can you send the crash report to the support.
There is some precious information inside, and it can help me to better understand what happens in your case.

Thanks in advance,

Hello Tamim,

Yes something bad happened on your computer. Even the log file in not complete.

My first question is is your graphic drivers are up to date? Are you running Alchemist on laptop with both intel HD + nVidia/AMD dedicated graphic card?


I have Substance Alchemist, and it refuses to generate shelf thumbnails for anything, SBS, SBSAR, or otherwise! No thumbnails, and no 3D view for anything.


First, sorry to see our software makes you so angry.

My first question is did you report your issue via the support?
Can you give me more context about the thumbnails problem?
Can you give me more context about the 3D viewport problem?

After answer to this basics, I will be happy to support you to make Alchemist working again.  :)


Did you mean how to export your material from Substance Alchemist?


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