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Hi everyone. I am excited to be working on this theme as a tribute to the firefighters who are working so bravely in Australia.

As someone who has dedicated my life to science communication, especially around climate issues, I try to use any opportunity I can to bring awareness or pay tribute to those fighting the good fight.

1) My idea is to build a Mat that is wearing the Wildland Style firefighting apparel, protective clothing the firefighters tend to use outdoors.
2) To honour the local indigenous people's suffering I wanted to add some pointillism style work much like the traditional native painting style.
3) To honour the memories of all the lost local wildlife I want to create ash outline much like the ones in my Moodboard, similar to some of the shadows left behind from the Hiroshima bombing.

This is quite a dear issue to my heart as I have family there who are living in fear of their lives. I am lucky to be here in New Zealand and even here we see the effects of the fires, with changing weather patterns and even smoke arriving here.

In loving memory to those lost and in solidarity to those wanting to save.


(Attached my three mood boards to start with. Will show some of my first renders once I get started. Just finished a big project, so taking off a day to rest. Just wanted to get my idea up)

HI everyone, I have never posted on the forum but thought I would chuck in my current progress. I have completed all the painting parts of the project finally and now just working on the materiality side of things.

My inspiration came when I saw the Esther Mahlangu BMW. I am South African myself, and I remember fondly the Ndebele artworks, so I just had to try and do my own one. Researching the art style I found out that their paintings were secret codes that told the rest of the tribe about the house/household that the art is painted on. Pretty cool stuff. So I designed a "story" about my journey since leaving South Africa to where I am now. After a long struggle finally finishing my Masters in Design Innovation and happily married. Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

I started the prioject on the 11th, so a full week to complete it. I made the images by taking a screenshot of the UV section I wanted to "paint", then cutting it up in Photshop and creating the design. I then "painted" the image back onto the UV in Substance Painter.

(You can see the progress images here:

My images wont upload right now stating it "must be an image"... which it is as its a png straight from the render, so I will have to see whats up with that.

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