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I think it may have been a glitch. I am able to download to U4 4.26.2 but for some reason, the new assets' previews are broken. They don't load like the others to see what there is.

Any idea why?

Thanks for replying back.


I was trying to use the UE4 plugin and it doesn't seem to show any materials.....just keeps trying to login I think.

Any idea what's going on?

Thanks for your help.

Yes. That definitely helps. Thanks for the quick reply. Take care.

Hi there.

Glad to report that the new plugin version for UE4 is working! Thanks for getting this accomplished.

I did have to download the Substance Launcher but it indicated a 30-day free trial. I already have Substance Painter and Designer. Will I have to pay for this after the 30-day trial??

Again, much appreciated.

I noticed there was an update to the plugin for but it still doesn't work, so not sure why they would release it. Am I doing something wrong??

Just tried it with the new 4.26 and same error. Any news on the fix for this??

Thanks for your reply. I think so. Not quite sure what I was downloading at the time when I was having that issue. Think it was just some random ones at the time to get it to work. No worries.

Hope you can get it fixed for 4.25.4 soon.

I've been struggling with this too but my download count keeps going down even though there is an error. How does that still register if there's an error regarding the number of downloads? Thanks

Substance download error! (is the actual error I copied from the message window)

Just tried using the plugin and realized it's not working. Came here to see if there had been any resolution.

Can you please advise on an ETA for this fix? Also, there's a new build out, will it work with that one too?


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