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Same. It seems to happen in quite random areas, not the same every time. You can also get rid of it by playing with sliders such as roughness sometimes. But if you try to bake or make another change it might come back.. I think it's an issue on Substance's side since it's so inconsistent. Surely if the GPU driver was 100% at fault it would be more predictable.

Same here. Even lower res bake suddenly takes a while. Used to be done in a moment. 2k and 4k are seriously long.
On i9-9900K and RX 5700XT gpu here.

Same issue on the latest driver 20.12.1. Maybe next month... :(

Win10x64, i9-9900k, 32GB RAM, AMD Radeon 5700XT 8GB(driver 20.11.2 / 20.11.3) GPU, M.2 SSD.

Software freezes and becomes unresponsive when interacting with any type of slider that directly affects the current material (such as roughness, color picker, etc.).
Thought it was a bug with my previous SP install, so I got the latest version, no change.
I think it might be related to AMD GPU drivers(?).
Anyway, I think a lot of people are experiencing this recently.

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