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I'm not familiar with Deadline, but if it doesn't run the scene directly through 3ds Max and parses the scene file on its own, then it would be completely outside the Substance plugin's execution. The workstation render sounds like it fires up 3ds Max and runs it through that, which would allow the plugin to run.

My understanding is that it does run Max, it just doesn't load the UI so it doesn't need to pull a workstation license, this works the same, no matter what the machine is (Workstation or render node).

in Testing rendering with 3ds Max 2018, Substance, and Vray 3.6.04 on our render farm, Using Deadline for render management, I've run into an issue. The render nodes return what are essentially "Blank" images, that is to say that the geometry renders but everything that Substance is doing in the shaders isn't there. My test scene is a simple sphere with a carbon fiber weave substance into a Vray blend material with a clearcoat blended over it. if I send the same file to a workstation, through Deadline, the workstation will return a correct image. Any clue why this would be? the render node I'm using for testing has the latest substance plugin for Max 2018 installed, all running Max 2018.4.


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