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The studio I work for has updated a few artists for testing the new SP release. They are experiencing seriously slower bake times. Baking out textures, as well as mesh maps is much slower than before. Has there been any discussion or is the Substance team aware of this performance hit?

Hey there,

So a couple coleagues and I are wondering if there is a new bug with painter or if it's a user error.

When we bake out our ID maps we are getting issues with only 1 ID allowed on the UDIM tile.

For example, I have 2 pipes, A is ID Blue and B is ID Green (lamberts applied to mesh, not faces, in maya). We then use the following baking settings, and we get an ID map where both meshes have the same ID (note: objects that don't share a UDIM get correctly baked out).

We subdivide our meshes in mudbox for the correct smooth settings (as maya doesn't have the proper arnold smooth settings...), we then import into maya and apply the lambert colors to geo. We export this geo with no groups, as FBX. We use this same geo as our texturing and our high res. (high res option was used on bake).

- Substance version: Substance 2020.1.0(6.1.0)
- Baking settings:
- UV and Mesh view with ID:

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