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So  if I am understanding correctly, I would need to create a level and split the level out into multiple .fbx files, such as "Hallway_01.fbx", so that I could paint it in a more individual way? Sorry for the newbie question. SP makes perfect sense in my head when it comes to singular fbx models like characters, etc, but when it comes to entire levels, I am trying to figure out how I would use it for that.

Even if I split my level into different material sets, I would not be able to paint an individual part without splitting the level into multiple .fbx files I would think, so this seems to be the solution? Thanks.

Hello. I am trying to figure out a workflow for using SP on a full level. The idea is that it would be nice to just go through a level and be able to paint sections that I wanted that possibly had unique materials instead of having to paint them in isolation. Is this type of workflow possible? I loaded a level and tried to do this, but it doesn't seem possible to rotate the camera with itself as an origin. The origin seems to always be pointed at the center of the world where the model is loaded. But perhaps this is just not the right way to approach this. Thanks for any tips.

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 on: May 08, 2015, 09:05:00 pm 
I have been trying to find examples of hand-painted stylized textures for SP to no avail. I ideally would like to do what 3dCoat does(i.e paint directly onto my mesh in a stylized, painterly way), but SP seems to excel at more photo-realistic textures. Am I missing something? I really hate having to paint on a UV map for a texture, as it is difficult to paint properly when the texture is morphed in such a way, which is why 3dCoat is so nice. Is this style possible with SP? Thanks for any information.

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