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Hi! I own Substance Painter 2 legacy, want to ask what is your policy on critical bugfixes.
Does this mean there will be NO bug-fixes after the license ended (or when maintenance period ends)? This new revenue model seems a big harsh on buyers, what if there is an annoying bug and you're stuck with a buggy software? It makes perfect sense to pay for new features, but not for bugs that shouldn't be there in the first place. A.k.a. "Pay and pray there are no bugs introduced during maintenance updates".
EDIT: I think I found the answer,16989.30.html#msg73514

I know, it was advised to use dedicated graphics card on the steam store page, but still it works just fine for the most part, so it should be solvable.
I will investigate more, like downgrading drivers and figure out exactly what causes this (at this point anything can cause this, when it's refreshing layers).
One solution would be to add a button with plugin API that would reconstruct the main window, basically refreshing the user interface, and restart the previous operation. Just a suggestion.

Also I'm using the latest Intel Generic graphics driver, updated a few weeks back.

here it doesn't, window becomes either white or black, but application still works. This can also happen when I'm just opening my project, this should be solvable.

Just want to show my appreciation for giving away those materials, it's one of the reasons why I chose Substance Painter, so I no longer have to search for free quality textures on the internet + most of them are really small in size because they're procedural.

I bought Substance Painter 2 through steam, and running on Surface Pro 2 with win10.
For the most part it runs fine, but sometimes when the red progress bar appears, it can get stuck and main window stops rendering anything (even though applications still works, since I can save project, even hover on some UI elements and see pop-ups). It's like it's trying to process all the layers and gets stuck. This is really annoying bug and it happens all the time, no matter what model I work on. Does anyone else have the same problem or is it just me? Thank you!

Edit: attached log, it stopped responding after I changed some parameter.

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