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As an indie, and as a teacher, I just cannot see this in a positive light.
Time will tell. Let's hope my foreboding is wrong.

Hello there. Same issue on my machine. AMD RX480 8Gib, switching to SSE2 also hangs designer. Sometimes it even hangs the whole system. I am on 18.3.4.

Just checked and sure enough, the license is there now. ;D

Same thing here.
I suppose this is a temporary issue, so I'll go ahead and just trial it while my license appears in my account.

So my rig has two monitors. I recently decided to change the default layout of SD to take advantage of the second monitor's extra real estate.
I teared both 2d and 3d views, moved and resized them to my second monitor.
So far so good.
However, when I restart SD, the 2d view window is on the second monitor, BUT the 3d view window got placed in the first monitor AND was moved to a new position. Size remains the same, so I just have to drag it back to place.
Still, how come SD remembers correctly the layout for the 2d view, but not the 3d view?

In case it helps, windows 10 64 bit, radeon rx 480 8gb with 17.1.1 drivers.

Josh, what would us non-compiling-literate users do without you?

You are THE man!!  :D :) :)

Yay it works!!!  ;D :D

I understand the pitfalls with working this ways... and the advantages. So I'm not really complaining, just pointing out that it was not working before.

Million thanks Josh for compiling and sharing :)

Doesn't work for me either  :-[

Substance Integrations - UE4 - Re: UE4 Plugin
 on: April 15, 2014, 10:19:55 pm 
I dont even see the plugin in the list of plugins. I have moved it around to various spots just to make sure I am loading it in the correct location.

So +)  at least you got feedback !

I get the same error, and also on windows 8.1

Well I copied the two dll files where I thought they should go, seems I was wrong in my guesswork, as I don't even get that error :(

Obviously i am not going to buy the Licenses again. I own the full pro suite.

Sorry, that part was not so clear when I read your post. The developers answered in another thread that they are working on a way to integrate information from those that purchased on steam for precisely what you need (and more).

You can also buy substance designer directly from Allegorithmic, which would take care of your problem

You are right, and it is not so difficult to implement.
That, and I was checking and the way I add the paint is not via alpha, so if I change the paint to a dark colour, the paint actually becomes transparent! I need to fix that and add the "relief under the paint" parameter. Thank you for watching!

I agree completely, this is good news.  ;D

So I'm guessing we will have to wait for Allegorithmic to release a substance SDK that can be integrated with UE4.
That is fine with me. Better for them to take their time than to release an error-prone thingy.
Anyway, I suppose they are bound by a NDA, as usually they reply quite fast to pretty much any question.

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