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So my rig has two monitors. I recently decided to change the default layout of SD to take advantage of the second monitor's extra real estate.
I teared both 2d and 3d views, moved and resized them to my second monitor.
So far so good.
However, when I restart SD, the 2d view window is on the second monitor, BUT the 3d view window got placed in the first monitor AND was moved to a new position. Size remains the same, so I just have to drag it back to place.
Still, how come SD remembers correctly the layout for the 2d view, but not the 3d view?

In case it helps, windows 10 64 bit, radeon rx 480 8gb with 17.1.1 drivers.

Hello everybody,
I just bought Substance Painter from the allegorithmic website, and was wondering if one must copy the license.key file somewhere, as the menu item for registering the software seems to be missing?
I know it is in beta, so maybe this functionality is still missing  ;D
Cheers, Juan

Newbie alert: I am a newbie to Substance Designer!
However, and especially for being new to the program,  very much like the result to which I have achieved so far.
Next step would be to colourize the paint on top of the wall, I suppose...

Thank you for watching  :)

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