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I'm trying to create displacement map for a VFX workflow where maps with value >1 are common.
But it's look like most of the node, including the atomic ones are clamped and for exemple the shape splatter give me result with >1 one values that are just clamped on the level node even when this one is forced to 32bit float Output Format.

And this is the same issue for a lot of node.
Is this intentional or a bug ?

SD version 2021.1.0


Everybody always thought Substance Painter was exporting 32bit file when exporting EXRs. It's written "32f" everywhere in the interface so it logical to think this.

You can find some post requesting the ability to export 16bit-Hf EXRs, but actually nobody, and me including, never thought of actually what bitdepth the map were actually exported in.

Open any of your EXR map from SubstancePainter in Nuke or whatever DCC that allow to get this info and you will see that they are "Half" maps has describe by Nuke:

This happens even if you force the Channels format to beRGB32F or L32F.
I also checked if this was not a bug from recent version, I get the same result with maps exported in 2019.

I might have miss an option somewhere, but this might be a bug.


After finished my material in SubstanceDesigner, i wanted to export it in .sbsar but an error message appear:

Don't understand what is the problem and what can i do to fix it.

Thanks for reading.

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