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Hi, I have an enterprise account. It was recently renewed (changed) so that it is all through the Adobe Creative cloud.  I have the original (non-Creative Cloud) Substance source credits (800) if I login to the old account.  The new account however has zero and should have been accruing credits for the last several months (since March).  Both accounts are linked to my same corporate email address. 

Who do I contact about this? Substance? Adobe? Adobe had a general contact my Admin response. It is very confusing with the switch. 

Substance Alchemist - Discussions - Rename material?
 on: August 13, 2019, 01:19:27 am 
Is there anyway to rename a material?    I know some manage options have been added in 0.8.0, but name is not one of the things that you can edit.   I also just tried renaming the corresponding .json file in the material folder but that didn't work either. 

So is there a way to add some height information (say based on a mask) to my stack?  The bitmapToMaterial isn't really picking up an outer edge that should be a gap between tiles.  I tried doing something like adding paint with a mask, and then almost if you could do a negative height or negative air bubble.  Not really seeing another layer to do it. 

Hopefully that makes sense.

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