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It'd be really great to have the color selection be able to use blending modes on masks... that is all  :)


I would like to request a feature to be able to link parts of a layer/mask stack with another layer/mask stack. For example:

I'm creating stitching and am using 2 separate fill layers with masks, the above layer is the stitching itself and filled with a lighter color. The fill layer underneath is filled with a darker color. It has the duplicated paint mask, along with a blur and levels to create a fake AO/shadow underneath my stitching to help it pop and read well in the texture.

What would be awesome is if I could link those 2 "paint" parts in the stack of each mask together, so when i make a change to one it affects the other, thus I'm painting my stitching and my AO/shadow underneath simultaneously. This would save time instead of having to recopy and paste my mask to each fill layer.

I noticed my masks have no padding when right clicking and exporting to file. Is there a way to add padding?

I'm trying to update my project with a new head model that has some modeling tweaks from the old one I painted, but they share the same UV's. Every time I select my updated mesh under Project Configuration, my textures get updated and are broken.

Is there a fix for this? Basically I want to reproject my stokes in UV space rather than 3D space...

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