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The only dependency missing should be the source texture. You should be able to just put the previously supplied jpg texture as the input image.

Hi Vincent,
No Problem. I have attached a cut down version of the sbs and texture that displays the problem.

I've since discovered that a new release of iview with a newer version of iray does not display the problem. This is great, but I need to be able to use the mdl exported from SD in older versions as well, so i need to find out why this is happening.

Here is the same mdl material with the tile_generator_color node removed from the substance in both the substance 3d view and in external iray

Here is a direct comparison from the iray/substance output and the output i get from another application using iray and the exported mdl

I'm having some problems with exported mdl's that use a substance that contains the tile_generator_color with 'input_image'  set as the pattern type.
The output in the substance render view looks fine, but when i export the mdl preset and use it in other applications the diffuse colour is all wrong. It almost looks like a gamma problem, but I'm not so sure.


I'm just new to substance designer and I want to procedurally create a tile pattern from a set of 6 images (each one of a single tile). Is this possible with substance designer, and where would I start with this?
The materials I am creating are also real world products, so I need to be able to specify accurate tile sizes (or at least get accurate width and height proportions).

Thanks in advance.

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