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Whatever we do (keeping the same model or changing for a new one), if changes occur, the option to buy your perpetual license will be available for anyone who is under the monthly plan right now.

Here are two quite important points.

If the changes occur and you offer the current subscribers to purchase the perpetual..
1) will you offer the buyout based on the currently advertised annual price? Or the price might be different? My fear is that maybe the buyout price will depend on the new CC monthly pricing, and not on the $19.90?
2) Let's assume someone is in his 5-months subscription when these changes happen, and ler's assume the user pays the remaining 7 months to get perpetual. But can he keep downloading the 30 assets per month until the 12 months would have originally lasted?

If possible, please clarify with your team and let us know!

Side note: my opinion, if you want the trust to continue then the buyout should be based on the current financial terms, and ideally this should be communicated now, so people can plan ahead. Also, I DO think that even if someone gets the perpetual, they will still return sooner or later for subscription, especially if the 30 materials are included each month. I definitely would like to have the perpetual, and I am also likely to return for subscription IF my options for this transitional period is communicated clearly now, and the trust is not broken by unexpected increase in the buyout price.

"We are scared to lose perpetual licenses because Adobe uses perpetual licenses"
This is one of the topics, where we don't have visibility yet, so you have the right to be skeptical until we deliver a clear model.

I am considering to subscribe for 12 months (with monthly payment) with the goal to convert it to a perpetual license next year, in January 2020. Questions:
1) If I start this 12 months subscription now, can I still convert to a perpetual license next year with the $49 extra payment? If the answer is yes, is that 100% certain?
2) There is a mixed information whether or not perpetual will be valid in the future. Vincent Gault says above "we don't have visibility yet", however another staff member said on the previous (now locked discussion) that perpetual license will be valid. His answer is there, please look it up. This is contradicting info, which info is correct?
3) Can Substance Painter be activated offline via a downloaded license file, or it is activated by contacting a central server? I am asking this because my fear is that even if I convert to perpetual next year, I need to have the confidence that I can use the app even if Adobe shuts down the server etc. I assume they would not, but better to prepare for all eventualities.


As a side note:
you really need to understand artist's reaction. Imagine if the only way to use a Nikon camera is via rental. Most young artists cannot even get onto the property ladder anymore and Adobe's subscription attitude IS part of this worldwide problem. It needs to be stopped. I understand that software developers need to constantly earn money, but how come Nikon can survive by selling, and not renting cameras?

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