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Hey guys,
Here is a test I made to compensate the distortion of the UVs inton the texture.

Could be useful if you want a texture or pattern to remain straight despite distorded or relaxed UVs :

Substance DesignerSubstance Designer - Discussions - FX-map optimisation
 on: May 26, 2015, 05:21:25 pm 
Hey guys,

few times ago, I made a tutorials about how to make procedural grass, that was relying a lot on FX-map.

since then, and after discussing with Nicoas Wirrmann, I made my graph 6 times faster by using... 2 FX maps   :)



Some explanations : what is affecting a lot the performance of an FX map, is the size of the input pattern, and the number of iterations

In the old graph, I had a pattern with one strand that was occupying a very small amount of the map surface (not optimal at all as I pay the same price, whatever is in the pattern). Then I had to iterate it hundreds of times to fullfill the texture.

On the new example, I make a first FX map, to create a pattern that makes a better usage of the available space. therefore I only have to iterate 25 times on the second FX map.

So in total the sum of the 2 new FX maps is way less than the single old one.

As a conclusion, try to make the best usage of your pattern space, in order to limit the amount of required iterations in your FX-map

Hey guys, here is a small test I made to rotate and input independently for different color masked zones..

Here is the result :

Hey guys,

I have been asked by an artist if it was possible to combine an FX-Map with my "rotate normal" node tutorial : this was actually a pretty good question and challenge :-)

So after few tests, the answer is yes (even if the quality can be improved) :

Hey guys,

After taking a look at the batchtools example file,  I decided to start the development of an interface for the batchtools inside 3dsmax.

Here is where I am so far :

Hey guys,

Following my yesterday's test, here is a tutorial which explains how to use the pixel processor to transfer a map on news UVs.
I managed to remove the artifacts, so without reaching a real baker quality, you get pretty decent result in less than a second :-)

Enjoy ;-)

Hey guys,
I was playing a bit to see if there is a way to transfer a map on new UVs withing the graph just by baking the UVs coordinates of the old mesh.
The result is not perfect, but it works :-)

Hey guys,
Here is some lighting test that I made with SD5 and the pixel processor.
I faked some subsurface scattering on the second one...

Hey guys,
So I (finally) took the time to make 2 videos explaining how to use the pixel processor node in order to rotate a normal map :)
Here is the link :

Hey, I wanted to play a bit with the new pixel processor node, so I managed to build a "rotate normal map" substance.
Basically, it rotates your normal map without breaking the relief info :-)

If one day your teenager kid tells you that trigonometry is useless and that he will never use it in his life, tell him he is wrong...

SubstanceSubstance - Discussions - AMD or Nvidia ?
 on: March 17, 2015, 10:32:26 pm 
Hey guys !
OK, I know it looks a bit like a troll, but hopefully it's not  :)

Just want to get the opinion from the Allego team if they would recommend one of the 2 brands more than the other.
Performance, stability, etc... Did you notice a difference ?

Hey guys,
As I am starting to get some tutorials made (well 4 so far), I decided to create a playlist on Youtube.

If you want to have a look, here is the link :

Just playing a bit during my lunch pause (click on the link to go to the video)

I am going to refine it to see if I can make a tutorial from it.

Hey guys, for some reason I have strong artifatcs with a greyscale heightmap when I place it as input, while the image itself seems fine. Any idea where it can come from ?
(the second iùage in the image I used before to plug it)

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