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In this specific example (which unfortunately my NDA prevents me from showing), I have a moss substance, which has alpha'd fluffy balls of moss splattered randomly. I want to be able to projection paint them onto specific parts of a stone which has a fitted texture, over seams etc - so I can't just use a fill layer and mask it with the alpha of the substance.

I probably wasn't clear enough describing what I'm trying to do. If I paint my substance with an alpha channel using projection onto a mesh with an opacity channel set up, I can see that the alpha is being transferred to the opacity map of the mesh (like you describe). What I would like to be able to do is paint "through" the alpha channel of the substance I'm projecting, just like how stencil works in brush mode.

It would be really good, if my substance that I am trying to paint in projection mode, allowed an alpha channel. It would work in the same way that the stencil does in brush mode, but be aligned with the projection material. Unless there is some way of doing this already that I'm missing?

My current workaround is to add a User channel and map the alpha channel to that in the projection. Then export the User channel and bring it back in as a texture which I use as a bitmap mask on the layer. Not ideal because it's not live and requires constant updates to see what you've painted.

Cheers, I'll give that a go and see if it gives me the results I want :D

Nobody got any ideas about if this is possible? Is it likely to be implemented as a feature of future versions?

Hi, is there any way I can use the Transferred Texture from Mesh baker to transfer a normal map? If you do this in 3DS Max's Render To Texture tool, it reorients the normals based on the new UVs. SD5 seems to just transfer the bitmap, which results in a broken normal map.

Also, it seems to crash if I try to bake from one UV channel of a mesh to a different channel of the same mesh. I got around this temporarily by just re-exporting my mesh with the UV channel moved to UV0.

Edit: I think I solved the crash problem by having my second UV set on UV1 rather than UV2. (old habit I have of skipping UV1 in case it needs to be used for shadow maps).

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