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Not sure if this is something that is possible with another node or whether it's something that other people would like to be able to do as well, posting here for some discussion before I head over to UserVoice :P

What I'd really like to be able to do is scatter some input so that the input is only placed within the masked areas. I guess I'd like to mask the points that the input is placed on, so that the whole input is still placed down on those points.


Currently using Tile Generator with a Disc input and a Blend node set to Multiply, what I'd really like to do is apply the mask to the positions of the inputs so that the result is only whole discs, either based on the centre point of the input or whether the whole input fits within the mask - I just want to get rid of the partially masked inputs is all!

Does that make any sense whatsoever? ;)

Yep, that's how I've done it and it works great.

Not sure if I can discuss the specifics of our project here (will check with the boss) but something that we could really benefit from is some kind of preset manager in the SD UI. Each material we're making needs 26 versions (the outputs of which I then comp together in a separate graph, so you can probably guess what we're doing from that!). It would be really handy to have all the presets associated with a graph in the interface, and to be able to flick through them and edit them as required.

Thanks anyway! :)

As subject really. I have (many, many, it's a funky project!) graphs which I change params to get multiple different textures from. The way I've been doing this is saving a preset file for each setup I want. Now I'm looking into ways of exporting them all in batch using python scripts, and am currently thinking it is only going to be possible by reading the xml of the .sbsprs and building a string to use as an os.system command, using the identifiers and their values. Was just checking that there isn't a way of loading in an .sbsprs file as part of the sbsrender.exe command?

And if not, does anyone think that'd be a useful feature?

Cheers! Josh

No change in 5.3.5 so I'm going to man up and restructure our resources folder this weekend so that everything is broken on Monday and I'll have to wear the dunce hat yay!

How does everyone else set up their project folder? This is what we went for:

00_Examples - general test and demo area

Base_Materials - We build a library of all the surface types with the correct albedo and spec locked down. Defo going in the new library as we want everyone to derive their graphs from these so there is no confusion about which albedo / spec values to use

Generators _ManMade / Natural - I started with bolts and rivets and screws and then moved on to clips, clamps and handles, bindings, trims and finally big stuff like grilles and vents. In natural there are stone and pebble generator too, but plants to do even more organic stuff with it. There are so many baked resources I have to leave this folder out else all the baked resources show in the search. The artist will have to drag them in from explorer instead.

Surface_Effects - Dust, dirt, scratches, effects etc.. These are OK

Helpers - "Upgrades" to the packaged SD nodes, normal rotate, channel blender, passthrough etc. Also ok.

Then a bunch of Material ManMade / Natural / Vehicle folders - the bulk of our content creation happens here - which are derived from graphs higher up the chain. - I'm going to have to leave all these out too, too many texture bakes to clog up the library!

Ah well, looking forward to putting myself through dependency hell on Monday now!

Yep, just looking for the easiest solution heh :D We're stuill in the earliest stages of integrating into our pipeline but it's good to know all the possibilities from the start.

Good to know its on the list though, thanks! :D

I know that "sbsrender info graph.sbsar" gives me the available parameters and I've used "render --set-value param@value" to create new outputs with different values. But what I'm after is the min, max and default values of those params.

Hi, I'm just taking a quick look at the Substance batchtools and was wondering if it is possible to get detailed information about exposed parameters (default, min and max values basically) from "sbsrender info"? I'm basically looking at whether we can add some rudimentary controls to our material editor / compiler, that would allow us to tweak the graph and re-export the bitmaps without opening Substance itself.

Maybe it could be an additional attribute for a resource, Show in Library and Show in Search.

The worst example of this is the fact that if we search for  "Shape" in Substance Designer, the Shape node is now listed in the search results after everything I have baked from Maya with the word Shape in the filename. And since every mesh in Maya has the word Shape in the name by default, (and I'm pretty sure people just change the node name, Maya auto renames the shape to nodeName+Shape, so that isn't uncommon) that's every bake!

That was the solution we discussed here too. We don't want to do this because it makes much more sense to keep the resources specific to a graph in a Resources folder with the graph that uses them, so when you open a graph, you know that any baked maps are going to be in the Resources subfolder for that graph, along with anything else, such as Maya files, exported objects etc.

So if this is the expected behaviour, the bug is in fact the opposite - that when you search for a graph, it *doesn't* show up if the "Show In Library" flag is set to No!

I can't share the actual graph for NDA reasons, but here is a test graph which has the same problem!

If I set the graph's Show In Library property to No, it no longer shows up when I search for Test_Graph, but if I set the Red_Diff resource to No, it still shows up, regardless of what the graph itself is set to.

We're using 5.3.4 here btw.

Is this a bug or intentional?

I have some graphs which have up to 16 linked bitmap resources. I've set "Show In Library" to No for each of them, but they still show up in the spacebar menu when I start typing. It's pretty bad already but is only going to get worse as the project grows, making the spacebar menu (which is my favourite way to add nodes) basically unusable.

Edit: I don't really use the library but I've noticed they still show up there too, so I think it's a bug.

I'm an idiot, you can do this with the "Using Custom Parameters" drop down, which I never noticed before :p

Close or delete if you like ;)

Would it be possible to highlight in some way, nodes which have function graphs containing variables from the graph's list of Input Parameters? I know that an Input Parameter may be used in many function graphs, but it could still potentially be done in a similar way to the node type filtering, which reduces the opacity of unhighlighted nodes.

I can't be the only person who spends ages hunting down which node an Input Parameter is controlling, unless there is a way of finding the connections which I don't know about?

Excellent news, cheers!

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