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I think it's also irrelevant since the Auto Levels node got an update at some point and the optimised version no longer has the quality parameter.

Trying to get the file path of the package that a graph is located within.

currentGraph = aContext.getSDApplication().getLocationContext().getCurrentGraph() gives me an object, so I guess I got that bit right.

currentGraph.getUrl() gives me the url, and similarly .getIdentifier() gives me the graph name.

but currentGraph.getFilePath() doesn't return anything?

Ah yeah, I've managed to create some presets now, cheers!

Is the only way to modify a preset to delete it and create a new one though? I've tried editing params when you have an existing preset selected and the changes don't seem to be preserved when I switch back to that preset again.

This is a great new feature though, thanks! I'm going to have to change a few scripts I've written that currently use .sbsprs files in quite a laborious manner, to read this data straight from the .sbs instead I think.

Hey! There appears to be some kind of new option to save and manage graph presets within the Input Parameters (Preview) window, but it doesn't appear to save any of the parameters? Is this working yet? Is there some documentation on how to use it?

If this is going to be a way of saving mutiple graph presets actually into the .sbs (a quick look at the xml suggests something is being saved there), or even linking and editing .sbsprs preset files, this could be incredibly useful for a project I am working on at the moment!  :D

Understand that the file format has to change from time to time, it's good to hear that this isn't necessarily going to happen with every point release though.

I'll take a look at using sbsmutator to upgrade my packages tomorrow too, thanks!

For some reason, when I process a graph containing an Auto Levels node using the Batch Tools, the quality parameter of the Auto Levels node is always set to Low, regardless of how it is set in the graph, causing lots of banding on my heightmaps etc. I've solved this locally by making a custom Auto Levels node that has the low quality functionality removed, but thought it was worth mentioning here regardless.

We just updated from 6.0.1 to 6.0.2 and Substance is now trying to update the graph version number of every referenced graph when I open a package. Pretty sure this never used to happen with version 5.x, it was understandable that every package would need upgrading when we went from 5.x to 6.x but is it really necessary to do this for point releases? I now have lots of modified files in my version controlled library and it's a tedious task getting everything on the same version number.

I also notice that the Batch Tools seem to be requiring my graph version number to match exactly? Our tech guys here didn't update them from 6.0.1 and I'm no longer able to process graphs authored in 6.0.2 with them. (will have to wait until tech are back on Tuesday!). Not sure if it would work if batch tools were on 6.0.2 and the graph version was 6.0.1 but if not it's basically forcing all the graphs in my library to be updated with every point release. Lots of tedious work!

Should have tried turning it off and on again before I posted I guess, since I've not had the issue at all yet today :/

Yeah, it's locking up my machine pretty quickly when I use it, and even after quitting, the Substance Designer.exe and loads of sbscooker and sbsrender processes hang around, tying up the cpu.

Win 10 Home
Ancient i7 950
GTX 980

Hey, I'm trying to non-uniformly displace some stuff in the tile sampler node using a vector map.

I want the input shapes to be displaced further left or right on the page based on how far they are from the centre. I believe this should be as simple as putting a gradient in the red channel of the vector map (black at the left to displace the furthest left, grey in the middle for no displacement, white on the right to displace the furthest right).

The problem is that this seems to displace anything with a value below 128 the same distance left, and anything above the same distance right:

I can't stop the overlap here because when I disable tiling for the node everything disappears completely? Is this a separate issue?.

Other parts of the Tile Sampler node seem to perform functions relative to the input colour, such as the size:

Thanks! At least I know we're not doing something stupid now (which is frequently heh).

Any values outside of the bounding box / cage should just remain at 0 or 1 respectively I guess? So you still have a usable render. Perhaps a warning if stuff is out of range would be good though?

I always open the baker dialog by right clicking the low poly mesh I want to bake to.

Here's what happens:

Like I say, even when I add a new baker and turn off normalisation, when I bake the mesh for the first time it is getting normalised.

(I know these screenshots show an unsaved graph, but I tried it with a saved graph too, so it's not that!)

I'm trying to bake a terrain heightmap which is then used to displace in-game terrain geometry. Complete precision is required because other scene objects snap to this terrain at specific heights, so my black, mid grey and white values need to be accurate.

The problem I am having is that although when I add a new baker to the stack, I am able to turn off automatic normalisation, the output is still getting normalised. When I go back and open the dialog again, automatic normalisation is ticked and I am unable to untick it. Is this a bug? We have 5.5.2 and 5.5.1 here and the problem occurs with both.

I've also noticed that max frontal / rear distances keep getting reset to 1.0 as well, but I am using a cage to set my range anyway.

Oh my! Well now I feel stupid heh. Thanks! :D

I guess I was only thinking about a black / white mask input, but if it was a gradient, you could potentially use that to control other params of the Tile Generator / Scatter node too, such as "scale by mask intensity" or "random mask amount by mask intensity" etc?

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