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These might help out with my painter hanging and slowing down. Maybe.. Tnx

I found time to make the video. Here is the problem that I have when it comes to lagging. Basically it's like painter freezes for 100ms and then releses. It happens on start of the brush stroke and in some strange pattern but it is something like 100ms freeze 600ms works normally 100ms slowdown...

Can't find the time to make a video. But I think that i have figured out what is causing problems. Two things to be exact. First one is windows ink feature. It seems that it needs to be disabled for substance painter.
Random software freezes seem to go after resetting winsocks... Have no idea why or how is winsock connected to system freeze.

A video would be appreciated indeed. If you can capture the whole interface too.

Sure I will make a video today or tomorrow.

I am also having issues with painter since 2017 update altogether. I messed around with a lot of settings and applications that are running on my system and still have no idea what was causing the problem. Also one application might be a very very big problem because it has screen overlay. And it's mouse driver/utility for A4 tech mouses, called Bloody6. Since I have not given it permission to start with windows painter is running much smoother. Even when I am playing deezer in background and have youtube open.

Here is an screenshot from nvidia control panel with the settings. Something here also might be a slowdown, have no real idea but with these settings it works for me. Also I would like to mention that I have put complete substance painter folder in trusted list on my anti-virus (360 total security).

BUT there is still a problem when starting to draw any line, sometimes, there is something like 0.1-0.3 second delay before color starts showing on a model which is not a problem when working with stamps but when I want fine line then it really is a problem. And to make stuff worse it happens erratically with no pattern when will it happen again. So it works fine, works fine, and then starts lagging.

I've attached a log file if that could help to determine the problem. I could post the video if that would help.

And with everything said I am thinking that the google backup and sync might actually be the root of the problem. Since it gave me system wide hogs for a few times.

 I have tried to replicate the problem with differentDDD file and mesh. It seems to be the file specific problem that I can't share. If the problem reoccurs on my personal projects I will attach the file here.

Sorry for that I didn't respond for a long time. Thank you for replay. I have included all the information you have requested.

Just to bump up the post. How is these going?

So I am running into the issue where if I have meshes named as they should for "Matching by name" feature.
Basically I have one high poly mesh and 3 low poly meshes that use same uv space and same textures. No matter how I name them the baking process won't work.

Only way I've found to work is to bake on one low poly mesh and then change the mesh in project settings to tree.

Is there an easier way to do that so I don't have to have two separate LP mesh files? One for baking and other for painting?

For some reason when baking models in SP if i have models named as:

Somehow something get's mixed or wrong so I don't get bakes for "Mesh_second_low"

Is these normal behavior or a problem?

Omg amazing :O

Well I don't have that kind of skills. But I am very happy to know it will be done for UE4 too.

As the topic title says will there be an Live Link Substance Painter to Unreal Engine?

I am going through all the mats and that layer stack MAN! Great dedication and paint itself.

Hey guys thank you very much for the extensive replays. I am now trying to tackle all the tings you have suggested. It's sort of a differnet bur similar perspective as when modeling things/ props. There is a good chance that I will open a sketchbook (not sure is there a place for that here on forum) and you will see my progress there hopefully it will attract some good feedback as these was :) Thank you again, and I have much more questions but first Ill make some substances than see will my answers come by themselves if not I will sure ask.

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