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So I have a question is there a way to control normal map export directions? Since in some occasions I need flipped channels? Btw is it true that OpenGL normals contain part of height map in them opposed to DirectX?

Hey I have similar problem with painter. For whatever the reason there are couple of things it hates so it will not work properly (still you cant get rid of the texture seam fully). I have found that you have to create a cage mesh if you have seams on large flat surfaces, no matter how you bake it. It will break apart. Another thing to consider is that painter is extremely sensitive to telex density, if your uv island is half of the pixel smaller than the other it will create a seam. There is a half a fix, you can pump up quality in viewer settings, that will decrease the problem very much. And also try exporting and rendering that what you have created in another software, the seam should go away but for some reason viwer in sp shows texture seams as break in the mesh.

One answer suggested that when you have a mesh, and there is a seam your mesh gets broken apart at that point when it gets imported into game engine (eg substance painter also). As that said the mesh that gets broken gets slightly offset normal's on the surfaces of the two uv shells. And there is some way to fix that in Maya, but since I dont have it Ive tried every single thing I could think of in max and blender and nothing helps it. You can get until a point where on the mesh  where it is barely visible but it is still there, and software interprets it wrongly. :/

So if anyone could point out where is the problem, is it painer bug so it can't interpolate mesh like toolbar for example, Is it a problem with modeling/creating meshes for games? Or is it entirely something else. I would really appreciate the help.

Will there be 1060 support or it's somehow ignored?

I've found in documentation that it is possible to use remote rendering machine with substance designer, which would allow me to use designer on my old laptop *or its just a dream*. Is it possible and where is that option hidden if someone can please tell me?

Same for 5.5.2

Clicking on any of Weathering, Effect, Blends anything in the library displayed nothing.  I thought my install may have failed, so uninstalled and reinstalled again. 

After second install, still no change. 
I then entered Weathering in the library search field and suddenly the window started to populate with the nodes.
I then had to do this for Mask Generators, Blends to kick start them off until eventually the window would populate just by clicking the category.

I didn't have that kind of the problem but after 5.5.2 installation everything seems to run smooth again. Hope your problem will be sorted out soon.

Can someone help me with the issue. My library in substance designer is loading very slow (it takes minutes to load patterns library for example). I would greatly appreciate if someone could point me where to look for problems. Thnx.

Hi all, I am new here and would like your opinion what should I upgrade first to get smoother performance. I know i have unsupported video card but If I upgrade it should the performance of substance designer go up since only when designer works flawlessly (without slow computation between nodes) is on simple substances not more than 10 nodes?

Here are my specs:
Intel i5 2500k
Amd Radeon 6750 (thinking on upgrading to 960/970, not sure how much cuda helps)
16gb dual chanel Kingston ram
not so good hdd (planing on upgrade to 256gb samsung pro)

Any comments would be very much appreciated :)

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